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The Identity of the Spider-Smasher Revealed!

Revealed last month in a cryptic teaser, there’s a new Spider hero on the horizon. Dubbed Spider-Smasher, the mysterious warrior from the future will debut in the pages of May’s Miles Morales: Spider-Man #38. Created by writer Saladin Ahmed and artist Christopher Allen, Spider-Smasher will play a vital role in an upcoming story that sees Miles Morales on a dangerous inter-dimensional quest. The encounter will have a profound impact on Miles when it’s revealed that Spider-Smasher is none other than a grown-up and extremely badass version of his baby sister, Billie Morales! Also known as Capitán Billie, Miles will meet her when he finds himself in the “Empire of the Spider”, a timeline where Miles’ clone Selim was victorious, and the only thing standing in the evil Spider-Man’s way is a rebellion led by Billie!

Fans can see Spider-Smasher in action now in a series of variant covers by Christopher Allen, Sergio Davila, Skan, Jen Bartel, and Ernanda Souza with a main cover by Taurin Clarke for the issue, including one showcasing Allen’s original design sheet for the character.