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Black Panther Celebrates 200 Issues in January

This January, the third issue of Academy Award-winning writer John Ridley and artist Juann Cabal’s highly-anticipated run on Black Panther will also mark the character’s milestone 200th issue! To celebrate, Black Panther #3 will be an oversized issue with bonus stories celebrating the past and foreshadowing the future of the Black Panther and the world of Wakanda. Ridley will also introduce a new hero who rises up to protect the people of Wakanda while T’Challa finds his life and role as Black Panther thrown into turmoil! Fans will be able to witness the beginning of this new hero’s journey before seeing him become a key player of Ridley’s run in future issues.

In addition, the main story in the 200th issue of Black Panther will see T’Challa face off against the X-Men! With assassins closing in and Wakanda’s faith in him shaken, T’Challa goes to visit Storm on the newly terraformed Mars. But this will not be a happy reunion as T’Challa has ulterior motives for his visit. And back home, Shuri discovers who is behind the attacks on Wakanda’s secret agents — a revelation that will change everything.

Check out the covers by Alex Ross, Taurin Clarke, and Gary Frank now and pick up Black Panther #3 when it hits stands on January 26!

No Marvel Hero is Safe from the Kingpin’s Rage in New Devil’s Reign Tie-Ins

Devil’s Reign, the upcoming Marvel event spinning out of writer Chip Zdarsky and artist Marco Checchetto’s Eisner-nominated run on Daredevil, kicks off in December. And come January 2022, all hell will break loose as Kingpin’s reign threatens every corner of the Marvel Universe, overtaking your favorite characters in multiple new tie-in series and one-shots.  This far-reaching saga will center around Kingpin as he embarks on a vicious quest to rid the world of every last super hero through any means necessary…

In Devil’s Reign #3, New York City stands at the brink of disaster as Mayor Wilson Fisk has at last reached a breaking point, with an army of super villains at his back, and a deputized crew of super villainous Thunderbolts on the streets and in every police station. Worse still, he’s put the Marvel Universe’s most powerful tools into (all six) hands of one of its most diabolical minds, unaware of the disaster that could befall the entire city as a result! As a gauntlet of super villains stand between Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man and Daredevil and liberating the heroes who have been captured by Fisk’s law enforcement, they’re ALL about to learn that the danger is closer than they ever thought possible.

In addition, Chip Zdarsky will continue his landmark Daredevil run in Daredevil: Woman Without Fear! With art by Rafael De Latorre, this limited series will star Elektra as Daredevil in a pulse-pounding chapter that spins directly out of the shocking revelations in the pages of Devil’s Reign! Featuring a cover by Chris Bachalo!

Elektra is the world’s deadliest assassin — and she’s taken a vow not to kill. Someone puts themselves directly in her path with deadly consequences. What else would you expect from the Marvel’s Greatest Hunter?

And check out these other exciting tie-ins coming in January:

Writer Gerry Duggan and artist Phil Noto reunite in Devil’s Reign: X-Men. Emma Frost has many skeletons in her closet, but only one of them is currently Mayor of New York City. The truth about the White Queen’s secret past with the Kingpin of Crime comes to light. As Wilson Fisk makes his play, will his old ally Emma Frost stand in his way? Or protect the secrets they share?

Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing, the writing duo behind the hit current series Kang the Conqueror, team up with artist Nico Leon in  Devil’s Reign: Winter Soldier. A power-mad Mayor Fisk has been gathering information on super heroes. How far will Bucky Barnes go to steal the file on his own shadowy, half-remembered past as the Winter Soldier? And what horrible revelation awaits him if he can get past the Kingpin? Some secrets are meant to stay buried. And some doors are meant to stay closed. Featuring a cover by Felipe Massafera.

Meet Kingpin’s terrifying new team of villains in writer Clay McLeod Chapman and artist Manuel Garcia’s Devil’s Reign: Villains for Hire. New York City is on a razor’s edge, and there’s only one force fighting for the rule of law in the chaos: Wilson Fisk’s Thunderbolts! Featuring a cover by Skan.

Make way for a shocking twist on the Fantastic Four in Zac Thompson and Davide Tinto’s Devil’s Reign: Superior Four. Otto Octavius has acquired a taste for the infinite. Empowered by Wilson Fisk, Doctor Octopus faces a tantalizing, unprecedented opportunity to scour the Multiverse, amassing an army of…himself. An army to march on our reality, proving Otto’s supremacy — and it all begins with his Superior Four! Ivan Shavrin provides the cover art.

Kingpin turns up the heat in Luke Cage: City of Fire #2 by Ho Che Anderson and Ray-Anthony Height. Luke Cage and Daredevil are on a dangerous journey across New York City to deliver someone to a safe house, but to do so, they must first get through the lethal Regulators, angry mobs and the mayor himself, Wilson Fisk! The issue will serve as a prelude to the event and introduce a new villain known as Jo Rockhead. Taurin Clarke provides the cover.

And it’s Spider-Woman VS. Spider-Woman in Karla Pacheco and Pere Pérez’s Spider-Woman #19. The series continues its’ Devil’s Reign tie-in arc that will see Jessica Drew question everything. Starting with whether she is the true Jessica Drew! With cover art by Junggeun Yoon.

Preview: Miles Morales: Spider-Man #30

Miles Morales: Spider-Man #30

(W) Saladin Ahmed, More (A) Carmen Nunez Carnero, More (CA) Taurin Clarke
Rated T
In Shops: Sep 29, 2021
SRP: $4.99

• HAPPY 10th ANNIVERSARY, MILES MORALES! This is it, ten years as Spider-Man and his future has never looked brighter. A who’s who of Miles Morales Spider-Creators has been webbed together to make this the best Anniversary Special of all time!
• MMSM TEAM-SUPREME Saladin Ahmed and Carmen Carnero show off Miles’ new suit (designed by Chase Conley) and kick off his eleventh year (AND BIGGEST ONE YET)!
• And the creative minds behind the Miles movies PHIL LORD, CHRISTOPHER MILLER and two-time Oscar nominee KEMP POWERS celebrate Miles’ birthday in style with Miles Co-Creator SARA PICHELLI!
• And that’s not even all the candles we’re putting on Miles’ cake! Don’t miss this Anniversary Special!

Miles Morales: Spider-Man #30

Ben Reilly vs. Miles Morales!? Aunt May back with Doc Ock!? Wait, what!?

Launching next month, a new era of Amazing Spider-Man beyond your wildest expectations begins when Peter Parker is hospitalized and Ben Reilly takes over as the new Spider-Man. And that’s only the start. Brought to you by an all-star lineup of writers and artists including Patrick Gleason, Cody Ziglar, Zeb Wells, Kelly Thompson, and Saladin Ahmed, the Spider-Man mythos is ready to web sling into uncharted new territory! And come December, this explosive saga will see exciting developments including an epic showdown between Miles Morales and Ben Reilly, a possible rekindled romance between Aunt May and Doc Ock, and more!

Writer Cody Ziglar and artist Ivan Fiorelli team up to reunite one of the most controversial couples in comics history in Amazing Spider-Man #80.BEY.With her nephew at death’s door, May Parker is not just going to sit around accepting that Peter’s ailments aren’t solvable with conventional means. Aunt May is going to seek unconventional means by way of her ex-fiancé Doctor Octopus!

Then it’s new Spider-Man vs. newest Spider-Man in Saladin Ahmed and Carlos Gómez’Amazing Spider-Man #81! The Beyond Corporation paid a lot of money for the Spider-Man trademark and does not take kindly to an unlicensed Spider-Man running around Brooklyn. So it’s up to Ben Reilly to take Miles Morales down.

Something horribly wrong is happening at the McCarthy Medical Center. Check in on Peter Parker’s recover in Saladin Ahmed and Jorge Fornès’ Amazing Spider-Man #82. Mary Jane Watson is trying to nurse the bedridden Peter to health, but when Peter’s roommate disappears, MJ has to step up. Can MJ and a nonmobile Peter get to the bottom of this hospital mystery?

Next up, the creator behind the biggest cover in the last decade is going to show you what he can do with one of the biggest Spider-Moments in decades when Patrick Gleason takes over writing and art duties in Amazing Spider-Man #83. The Web-Head is facing unbeatable odds again. Can he rise to the occasion and save the day?

Writer Cody Ziglar returns in Amazing Spider-Man #84 alongside artist Paco Medina. The events of ASM #80.BEY have set Doctor Octopus on a collision course with the Beyond Corporation and their Spider-Hero in residence. Ben Reilly isn’t the only one with new tricks up his sleeve, or, in Ock’s case, MANY sleeves.

December will also see an exciting Beyond tie-in in Miles Morales: Spider-Man #33 by writer Saladin Ahmed and artist Michele Bandini. The events of Amazing Spider-Man #81 open up a can of worms and send Miles and Shift on a quest that will have dire effects on both of them. What does this mean for Ben Reilly? Keep reading, True Believers!

Spidey fans won’t want to miss a single issue of this unbelievable new era! Be there at the start when Amazing Spider-Man #75 hits stands on October 6th and look for these thrilling upcoming issues this December! Check out these covers by Mark Bagley, Arthur Adams, Cory Smith, and Taurin Clarke!

Miles Morales Swings Into his Biggest Year with a Special Issue

In addition to a collection of variant covers, Marvel will celebrate 10 years of Miles Morales with a special double-sized issue of his current ongoing series! On sale this month, Miles Morales: Spider-Man #30 will be a major turning point in the legacy of the young Spider-Man featuring the debut of a brand-new costume designed by artist Chase Conley. The series creative team, writer Saladin Ahmed and artist Carmen Carnero, will be joined by a web of incredible talent including the creative minds behind the Oscar-winning film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, two-time Oscar nominee Kemp Powers, Jeff Loveness, Cody Ziglar, and Miles Morales co-creator Sara Pichelli. Artists include Carmen Carnero and Anthony Piper with covers by Taurin Clarke, Chase Conley, Pichelli and Rachelle Rosenberg, and Javier Garron and Matthew Wilson.

Miles Morales’ future has never looked brighter! Check out all four covers now and pick up Miles Morales: Spider-Man #30 when it hits stands on September 29!

Relive Phase One of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Variant Covers in November

This November, fans can see their favorite Marvel Studios films in a brand new way on a stunning collection of variant covers by some of the comic book industry’s greatest artists. Adorning upcoming issues of your favorite and limited comic book series, the Infinity Saga Phase 1 Variant Covers will showcase the first six films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, depicting the characters and moments from these legendary group of films.

Marco Checcetto takes it back to where it all began in a gorgeous piece showing the different armors Tony Stark crafted in the first Marvel Studios’ Iron Man film. Immortal Hulk artist Joe Bennett revisits the savage showdown between Bruce Banner and the Abomination from Marvel Studios’ The Incredible Hulk. Taurin Clarke’s explosive cover presents the iconic Iron Man and War Machine team up from the climax of Marvel Studios’ Iron Man 2. Thor, Loki, and Odin, as they were introduced in the first Marvel Studios’ Thor film, look to Asgard’s future in Ema Lupacchino’s electrifying cover. Adam Kubert delivers a dynamic take on Steve Rogers’ crusade against the Red Skull from Marvel Studios’ Captain America: The First Avenger. And finally, the Avengers assemble for the first time in legendary artist Arthur Adams’ cover, highlighting the core cast from 2012’s groundbreaking film Marvel Studios’ The Avengers.

Check them out now and collect all six Infinity Saga Phase 1 Variant Covers when they hit stands this November!


Get a First Look at LaToya Morgan’s Dark Blood #2

BOOM! Studios has revealed a first look at Dark Blood #2, the next issue of an evocative new six-issue original series from screenwriter LaToya Morgan, rising star artists Walt Barna and Moisés Hidalgo, colorist A.H.G., and letterer AndWorld Design, about a young man forging a brave new future for himself and his family while dealing with his past, available on August 25, 2021.

Does even the kindness of strangers come with a cost? Avery has adjusted to his post-WWII life in Alabama, but when an altercation with some local boys leaves him hurt, an unlikely bystander steps in. And while Carlisle, a white university doctor, not only offers Avery immediate first aid but free ongoing medical care… nothing is truly free, not even a stranger’s generosity.

Dark Blood #2 features main cover art by acclaimed artist Valentine De Landro, and variant covers by illustrators Juni Ba and Taurin Clarke.

Dark Blood #2

Luke Cage Returns in City of Fire

Change is coming — and it starts here. This October, Marvel brings readers a new hard-hitting story, Luke Cage: City of Fire. The three-issue series explores the role Luke Cage has grown into in Harlem and the broader Marvel Universe.

In the new series, a shadowy rogue group named the Regulators are terrorizing ordinary citizens in New York City, and Luke Cage is called to action when a Black man in his community is murdered by a crooked police officer. Cage quickly crosses paths with Daredevil, who is determined to bring down the Regulators no matter the cost, but Mayor Fisk is equally determined to use them to tighten his grip on the city. There is unrest in the streets, and it’s up to Cage to keep the city from going up in flames.

Joined by an exciting lineup of artists including Farid Karami on #1, Ray-Anthony Height on #2, and Sean Damien Hill on #3, celebrated creator Ho Che Anderson makes his Marvel debut with a story that will significantly impact Luke Cage’s role within the Marvel Universe forever.

The next chapter of Luke Cage begins in Luke Cage: City of Fire! Check out the image from Taurin Clarke below!

Luke Cage: City of Fire
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