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Mondo’s Spider-Verse Poster by DKNG is On Sale for 72 Hours

Spider-Man is one of the greats. Period. The character debuted in 1962 and is as popular now as he’s ever been – if not more. With such a storied history, Mondo has long been wanting to do a “history of” type poster for the many various Spider-people over the course of Spidey’s 55 year history.

In 2014, Marvel published an event called “Spider-Verse” that featured every Spider- character ever. In celebration, Mondo wanted to do their own take so they enlisted the magicians at DKNG to design a Spider-Verse poster that includes upwards of 70 different incarnations of the ol’ web head from alternate Peter Parker’s (and Porker’s) to other iconic characters who also donned spider powers of their own.

These posters are available right now as a 72 hour timed edition.

In addition to these posters, Mondo also has 4 new pin designs as part of their Tom Whalen Marvel pin series including Spider-Gwen, Spider-Man (Miles Morales), a “Spidey” Sense pin as well as the classic 1960s suit.

Spider-Verse by DKNG. 24″x36″ screen print. Hand numbered. Available Thursday (3/23) at 10AM CST through Sunday (3/26) at 10AM CST. Printed by D&L Screenprinting. Expected to ship in 8-10 weeks. $50

Spider-Verse (Variant) by DKNG24″x36″ screen print. Hand numbered. Available Thursday (3/23) at 10AM CST through Sunday (3/26) at 10AM CST. Printed by D&L Screenprinting. Expected to ship in 8-10 weeks. $50

Spider-Man (1960s) Enamel Pin. Designed by Tom Whalen and inspired by Steve Ditko’s iconic illustration of the character from his creation and throughout the 1960s. Approximately 1″ high, shiny silver nickel soft enamel pin, with a single post and butterfly clutch backing. $10

Ultimate Spider-Man (Miles Morales) Enamel Pin. Designed by Tom Whalen and inspired by Miles Morales’ Ultimate Spider-Man costume. Approximately 1″ high, shiny silver nickel soft enamel pin, with a single post and butterfly clutch backing. $10

Spider-Gwen Enamel Pin. Designed by Tom Whalen and inspired by Gwen Stacy’s appearance as Spider-Gwen in the Marvel Spider-Verse. Approximately 1″ high, shiny silver nickel soft enamel pin, with a single post and butterfly clutch backing. $10

Spidey Sense Enamel PinDesigned by Tom Whalen and inspired by the illustration of Peter Parker’s Spidey Sense tingling in the Marvel comics. Approximately 1″ high, shiny silver nickel soft enamel pin, with a single post and butterfly clutch backing. $10

Spider-Verse 4-Pin Set. Includes Spider-Man (1960s), Ultimate Spider-Man, Spider-Gwen & Spidey Sense Enamel Pins. Designed by Tom Whalen. Approximately 1″ high, shiny silver nickel soft enamel pin, with a single post and butterfly clutch backing. $35


Ultimate Spider-Man 1:10 Scale ArtFX+ Statue

Miles Morales is Ultimate Spider-Man, and in this statue he crouches low in his black costume with red highlights, left hand extended to sling a web. The Ultimate Spider-Man 1:10 Scale ArtFX+ Statue measures just over 4-inches tall and is ready to swing onto your shelf! Pre-order now.



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Review: Spider-Gwen #16

spidergwen16coverIn Spider-Gwen #16, Miles Morales learns that there are many differences between Earth-65 and his home Earth-like sodas using real sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup and that  Daredevil is evil and has an army of ninjas. (Thank goodness he was in the Ultimate Universe for Shadowland, or Miles would’ve gotten some bad flashbacks.) He’s still  too young to get into clubs on most worlds in the multiverse, but this doesn’t prevent him from having a little team-up fun with Spider-Gwen in this bouncy second chapter of the “Sittin’ in a Tree” crossover where writer Jason Latour focuses on building the relationship between the two young heroes instead of skipping straight to the smooching like Brian Michael Bendis did in Spider-Man.

Miles Morales is a great fit for Robbi Rodriguez and Rico Renzi‘s brighter, animation-meets cool indie band poster art style. The red and black adds some new hues to Renzi’s usual pink, green, and white world, and Latour writes Miles as completely out of his element the whole time. He’s freaking out about being in an alternative universe while simultaneously freaking about his dad going missing while on a mission for SHIELD. This is why he sounds like he’s hopped up on caffeine and fear, and where Gwen comes in with some much-needed empathy. They bond over their love for their dads, their superhero lives, and the weirdness of other worlds with Rodriguez’s full page spread of them hugging showing how much they’ve already bonded.

The colors and art pop even more once Spider-Gwen hits the Scorpion Club, and this leads to the spidergwen16interiorfunniest joke in the issue, which is 16-year-old Miles being left behind. He has a superhero costume, but no fake ID. The short fight scene inside the club featuring Earth 65’s Dr. Octopus is weird, yet fun and shows off Miles’ “other” powers, like venom stings and invisibility, as well as the fact that he has yet to be able to rattle off one-liners in battle like Earth 616’s Peter Parker. Renzi uses a lot of flashing yellows for the club fight scene to show characters getting their “lights knocked out”, or just how disorienting this environment is for both Gwen and Miles. And then the cliffhanger blows their minds even more.

The parts of Spider-Gwen #16 that resonated with me were when Gwen and Miles were becoming friends in an organic way. Because she keeps her secret identity from her bandmates in the Mary Janes and her dad is in jail, Gwen doesn’t really have anyone to talk to about her life as a superhero. Now, she has Miles, and they talk about how Earth-65 is like a sad pop song, and how it’s okay to be afraid even though they’re superheroes. (And is kind of visually designed that way.) Gwen is in a dark situation where the source of her superpowers is controlled by the Kingpin so it’s nice to have Miles pop up and bring some light and empathy to her comic even though his dad is in a terrible situation.

With its focus on building a connection between Miles and Gwen instead of multiverses and annoying supervillains, Spider-Gwen #16 is superior to the opening chapter of the “Sittin’ in a Tree” crossover. The final night club scene also ups the intrigue as Robbi Rodriguez and Rico Renzi continue to (web) sling out the cool visuals.

 Story: Jason Latour Art: Robbi Rodriguez Colors: Rico Renzi
Story: 8 Art: 9 Overall: 8.5 Recommendation: Buy

Marvel provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

Miles Morales is Swinging into Sony’s Animated Spider-Man Film

Miles_Morales_1_Peterson_VariantSony Pictures Animation made some announcements yesterday concerning their upcoming films including next year’s animated Spider-Man film. Being released December 21, 2018, the biggest revelation is that the film will star Miles Morales the popular Spider-Man who recently joined the main Spider-Man universe and was the subject of a petition to take the lead in Sony’s latest live action reboot for the character.

Check below for the full details.

UNTITLED ANIMATED SPIDER-MAN (December 21, 2018 release)

From Phil Lord & Christopher Miller, the geniuses behind THE LEGO MOVIE, comes an animated SPIDER-MAN feature starring Miles Morales.

The feature is directed by Bob Persichetti (head of story on PUSS IN BOOTS and THE LITTLE PRINCE) and Peter Ramsey (RISE OF THE GUARDIANS).  The film is written by Phil Lord.  Avi Arad (IRON MANSPIDER-MAN), Amy Pascal (SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING), Phil Lord & Christopher Miller (Untitled HAN SOLO Movie) are executive producing; Christina Steinberg (TROLLHUNTERS) is producing.

Unboxing: Nerd Block’s June 2016 Comic Block

June sees the release of Nerd Block’s 14th Comic Block. Created specifically for comic fans, the first one featured a t-shirt and numerous exclusive variants.

This is the fourth expanded block which features more comic related items… and some exclusive comics! An improvement!

Is bigger better? Find out as we explore what’s in the box!?

Check out everything you get in the latest box, and you can sign up now and purchase the next Comic Block.

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Miles Morales, Sony, Marvel, and Spider-Man Films

Spider-Man Miles MoralesThis weekend it was announced that Miles Morales would be taking over as “the” Spider-Man in comics when the new Marvel Universe gels after Marvel‘s Secret Wars event wraps up. Part of the reason cited for the change was the lobbying by fans to get Morales to be the big screen Spider-Man in the Marvel/Sony movie reboot.

Some sites have attempted to generate controversy by mining the leaked Sony documents currently hosted by Wikileaks. There are various documents that have Peter Parker remaining Caucasian, straight, and having gotten his powers in high school or college. You know, like he is in the comics. In other words, Sony couldn’t go and change the character without Marvel’s permission. Also mentioned was he was male, doesn’t torture, doesn’t kill unless in self-defense or defending others, doesn’t smoke, does not swear beyond PG-13, doesn’t sell illegal drugs, doesn’t abuse alcohol, and doesn’t have sex before the age of 16 or with anyone younger than 16.

That’s not too controversial in my mind. Is the rest of the list a problem too? I surely hope not. But some websites like clickbait and don’t present all the pertinent information in their articles, especially during their attempts drum up controversy. I’m not going to link to the original article that started it all, but it’s a site that does this a lot, and unfortunately other sites regurgitated what the original site wrote unchallenged.

I decided to see what I could turn up about Sony’s interest in Miles Morales. The character made his debut in 2011, and in late 2011 there’s a memo written by Jim Underwood currently the Global Head of Entertainment Strategy for Facebook, but from 2010 to 2012 he was the Executive Vice President, Corporate Development, that specifically mentions the character as part of the discussion between Marvel and Sony about characters.

The initial document from August 2011 lays out the discussion between Sony and Marvel over some of Marvel’s characters, and who could do what with each, and what could be done with them. It goes over various an impressive roster of characters even the most die-hard fans might not know about. It also give insight into some of what Sony was looking at for their movies like Venom, The Jury, and Kraven.

In the document entitled “Spider-Man Disputed Characters List” the first bullet point discusses Miles Morales, even adding the characters to something called the “‘Alternative Spider-Man’ schedule.” It is specifically mentioned that Morales isn’t “Caucasian” getting around Marvel’s requirement for Spider-Man as far as that characteristic. This indicates that as far back as 2011 Sony was thinking about diversity in its Spider-Man films. That’s completely opposite of what many sites would lead you to believe. Also of interest is the mention of rumors that Morales was to be gay and Sony would like the right to portray him as so.

Spider-Man_2099_1_Cover_BianchiThere’s also the mention of lots of other IP include various diverse Spider-Man characters. There’s Miguel O’Hara, Spider-Man 2099, and Paviitr Prabhakar who is the Spider-Man of India. Yes, diversity was on people’s minds. Also was Spider-Man as a member of the Fantastic Four, that was to be discussed as well.

While there were some articles that said Sony wasn’t interested in a movie with Morales or O’Hara, the documents say otherwise. They were on their mind to use at some point.

There’s also a list of characters/organizations that were no-go, some of which dealt with Daredevil. One of the non-exclusive characters was Jessica Drew, also known as Spider-Woman, a character that has been rumored to show up as a member of S.H.I.E.L.D. Marvel wouldn’t be able to call her Spider-Woman.

Some of the characters and locations discussed as having to do with Daredevil include The Arranger, Brainwasher, Flint, the Kingpin, Vanessa Fisk, Julius, Fisk Tower, Gloom Room A-Go-Go. Kingpin looks to be shared between the companies with Marvel’s use being specific to Daredevil and other characters Fisk interacted with previously.

Interesting characters, groups, and locations that are mentioned as reserved by Marvel include Bullseye, Cloak and Dagger, Elektra, Jigsaw, The Owl, Moses Magnum, The Punisher, Werewolf by Night, Speedball, A.I.M., Hydra, High Evolutionary, Roxxon, and a whole lot more.

The final document was from September 2011, and who knows when/if it was signed. It’s unknown how these documents were adopted, but it’s interesting that Sony was very interested in Miles Morales, especially for those things that make him a character for the new generation.

Miles Morales is Spider-Man Post Secret Wars

It’s not a shock that Miles Morales is “a” Spider-Man after Marvel’s current world shaking event Secret Wars. The character was featured in Marvel’s Free Comic Book Day release All-New, All-Different Avengers which took place after Secret Wars wraps up.

In an exclusive to the Daily News (I thought we weren’t going to have to scour the web to get all these announcements!?) Marvel has revealed that there will be a new series entitled Spider-Man that will feature Miles Morales under the mask.

Miles Morales will the “the” Spider-Man in the new Marvel universe continuing his role that began in 2011 in Marvel’s Ultimate Universe, which was destroyed in the event currently running through Marvel’s comics. The teen character is part African-American and part Puerto Rican bringing some diversity to the line, and continuing a character today’s generation relates to. Morales will be joined by a grownup Peter Parker who will act as a mentor to the character.

Part of the reason for the change was the lobbying by fans when Marvel and Sony were deciding what to do with the Spider-Man movie franchise. Morales won’t be on the screen any time soon, and we’ll have more about that tomorrow.

The series will be written by the creator of the character Brian Michael Bendis who will be joined by Sarah Pichelli on art.

Bendis in the exclusive article emphasized that this is “the” Spider-Man, not one with an asterisk. It’ll be interesting to see how the publisher gels everything together to make this happen when their event wraps up.

Spider-Man Miles Morales

How Old are Comic Book Characters?

How Old Do I Look? is an interesting website where you can upload an image and it’ll guess your age and gender based on that. While it’s fun putting people you know in, it also works in some drawings. So, I decided to put in some comic characters to see what the site says.

As you can see, it’s a bit all over the place, hell it thinks I’m in my mid-50s.

6 Actors Who Should Play Spider-Man in the Reboot

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #1 Miles VariantYesterday, Screen Rant posted six actors they think should play Spider-Man in the upcoming reboot (of the reboot). The thing that ties all six choices together is that they’re all white men. Screen Rant overlooked the much more inspired, and I’d argue lucrative, path of replacing Peter Parker with Miles Morales and giving us a Spider-Man for the next generation. I guess thinking out of the box isn’t that site’s style.

We’re very pro-Miles Morales here, and as soon as Marvel and Sony announced their joint venture for the next step in Spider-Man on the big screen, we immediately felt Miles was the way to go.

So, presenting six choices for the next Spider-Man.

Damarr CalhounDamarr Calhoun

Calhoun comes to us from the Nickelodeon family of shows where he’s played the role of Aaron Phillips on the television series Instant Mom. The show is in its third year, and is about a 25-year old part girl who becomes a mom when she marries an older man with three children. Before that, he appeared in an episode of Scandal.

Though he might look young, Calhoun is actually about the right age for Miles Morales. Morales in the comics is about 14 years old and Calhoun will turn 11 this year. That makes him a bit young for the part, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing and might help get some continuity in the actor for the type of commitment Marvel looks for. Three films, one every two years, would put him around 16 years old by the third film hits.

Roshon Fegan

Roshon FeganIf I were casting Fegan would near the top of my list. If Miles is supposed to be in high school, Fegan could pull it off with his youngish looks. It also helps that Fegan comes from an ethnically mixed background, like Miles. Even better, he’s already part of the Disney family having appeared in numerous shows and movies of theirs like Camp Rock 2, and Shake It Up!. Even better, Fegan has appeared in Spider-Man 2 as the “Amazed Kid.” Get a fancy writer, and you can say that was a young Miles and he was inspired by Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man in the first trilogy.

Fegan is an actor, music producer, recording artist, and songwriter, and if done right, he could bring in a younger, tween, late teen audience, something the movies really need to do. In fact in the direction we’d go, the movie would be specifically focused with a younger audience in mind, and Fegan is already a familiar entity to them.

Born in 1991, he’ll turn 24 this year, so Miles would need to be in high school, but also means we could follow the character through college and beyond, jumping in time between movies.

Marcus ScribnerMarcus Scribner

If you watch the hit ABC television series Black-ish, you know Scribner who plays the slightly dorky oldest son. He has that nerdy thing down, and has shown he has some comedic timing in the show’s first season. Even better, Black-ish is in ABC which is owned by Disney, Marvel’s parent company. He’s already in “the family.”

At age 15 he’s the perfect age to play Miles, and between the television show being a hit, and the movie likely be a sure-fire hit, he’s an actor that a studio could back and build some long-term plans around.

He’s active when it comes to sports, so he’ll likely do well in the type of physical role this would turn in to.

Honestly, we can’t think any reason he wouldn’t be at the top of anyone’s casting list.

Tyler James Williams

Tyler James WilliamsTyler will be turning 23 this year, forcing his portrayal of Miles to be in high school like Fegan above. But Willams is a very known entity, and talented to boot. He was a regular on the series Little Bill back in 2000, but really broke out in the title role of Chris in the series Everybody Hates Chris, and on that he showed off his comedic chops. He held that role for four seasons.

In 2010 he dipped his foot in the “geek” world voicing Firestorm/Jason Rusch on the animated series Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

Most recently, he’s been playing Noah on the hit series The Walking Dead. There he’s shown off his physical side of things and really shown off his depth of emotions.

In his time on television, he’s shown his acting range from the comedic to the dramatic, something anyone who plays Miles would need to do, if they stick to the stories from the comics.

Jaden Smith

Jaden SmithThe 16 year old (turning 17 this year) son of actor/rapper Will Smith, his acting career is actually much shorter than you’d think. But, since he began in 2006, Smith has been in four pretty high-profile movies, and will be getting a sequel to his remake of The Karate Kid.

He’s already been a part of a reboot in The Karate Kid, and clearly has no issues with being a part of a franchise, since he’s getting a sequel to that film. He’s also shown off his physical abilities not just in that film, but also the film After Earth.

There are some downsides, in that he’s rather outspoken and gotten folks to scratch their heads with some of his statements. That will cause anyone to pause when casting him, though doesn’t necessarily reflect his work ethic.

He is a youth ambassador for Project Zambia which helps children orphaned by AIDS in Africa. That is in conjunction with Hasbro, which will likely handle any toys that come out of the film.

Oren WilliamsOren Williams

Lets start with the fact that Williams looks like Miles. That alone gets him on this list. Age wise he’s around the same age as Williams and Fegan. Williams has appeared in both television and the big screen with his most high profile roles being a recurring role on Chicago Hope, a voice in Clifford’s Really Big Movie, and Calvin in Calvin and Freddie’s Cosmic Encounters.

Having done voice over work could be vital for anyone playing the character as Miles will have his face covered up while fighting crime, and we’d expect some CGI, so there’ll be some studio voice work.

He’s shown off a bit of an athletic side in his role of Keith Ellis in the movie Rebound. Looking at his career, he might be the least known of the bunch, but that just means he’s poised for a huge break.


And there you have six solid choices to fill the costume of Miles Morales if Marvel and Sony were to try something rather bold and give us a Spider-Man for the next generation. But, why stop there? How about Spider-Gwen (we suggest Miley Cyrus) or Spider-Man India? Marvel and Sony have a clean slate, why give us something we’ve seen twice before?

Mile Morales Joins the All-New X-Men

On his Tumblr blog, writer Brian Michael Bendis posted the cover to All-New X-Men #32 By Sarah Pichelli. As you can see, it “welcomes” Miles Morales to the team, which opens up a whole bunch of questions.

For those that don’t know, Morales is the Spider-Man of Marvel’s “Ultimate” universe, not exactly where the All-New X-Men are located. Is he completely leaving the Ultimate universe? Are they heading to his? Is this part of time being broken? We’ll find out soon enough!

All new X-Men 32

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