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Review: Demon Days: Blood Feud #1

Demon Days: Blood Feud #1

Nothing hurts more than a family betrayal. It hurts in ways that sometimes words cannot accurately contextualize. The only description that feels most apropos is that it s like a paper cut. In the way that you don’t see it coming and it stings long after it happens.

That is why trust is so hard to gain and re- building those bridges again between family feels like a reach. The longer those bridges remain unattached, the harder it is for those connections to mend. So what happens when death is part of that equation? I n the epic conclusion to the Demon Days Saga, Mariko Yashida faces a threat closer than she ever imagined in this one-shot issue of Demon Days: Blood Feud.

We’re taken to Kirisaki Mountain, where Ogin and Halbo( the Japanese Hulk)  and Mariko with Logan ( an actual wolf) face off in a  one final battle, as Ogin still feels Mariko is to blame for their mother’s death.  As what could easily be a show of brute force from Halbo, but Mariko outsmarts Ogin and Halbo, by using spider venom from Reina, which debilitates him instantly. The siblings are left to face each other, as they talk through their differences, and Mariko remembers her promise to her mother, to save her sister, which she tries to do with her powers. Right when Ogin could give Mariko the decisive blow, she holds back and Mariko awakens to Granny and Kuriko nursing her back to health. By the issue’s end, Mariko returns to “normal” life, while Logan has been missing since the fight and Ogin and the Yokai she saved go into hiding.

Overall, Demon Days: Blood Feud #1 is an exciting take on the Marvel Universe, one which injects the slice of life genre into this world.  The story by Peach Momoko is endearing and action packed. The art by Momoko is gorgeous. Altogether, Demon Days: Blood Feud is a story that acts as both an entry way for both comic book fans and manga fans.

Story: Peach Momoko Art: Peach Momoko
Adaptation: Zack Davisson Letterer: Ariana  Maher
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy

Marvel provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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