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Vault Announces Mindset from Zack Kaplan and John Pearson

Vault has announced the new psychedelic sci-fi thriller, MINDSET, written by Zack Kaplan, drawn & colored by Eisner-winning artist John J. Pearson, lettered by Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou, and designed by Tim Daniel

MINDSET centers around four grad students who accidentally discover mind control, put it in an app, and set out to free over one billion users from technological addiction. But are they freeing the world or controlling it? It’s a cautionary tale about how idealistic dreams are corrupted, how our own minds are locked in an existential battle with technology, and perhaps, how we might win it.

MINDSET #1 hits store shelves in June, 2022. The series will feature a line of gorgeous variants by Martin Simmonds

When an introverted tech geek from Stanford, with dreams of changing the world, accidentally discovers a form of mind control, he and his friends do something unexpected – they put the science into a meditation app to help users break their addiction to other manipulative technologies and platforms. But after their rags-to-riches rise, a wake of murders and a series of mind games, their Mindset app replaces all rival social media and achieves a cult following of a billion users, and they must ask the question – are they helping people or controlling them?