Bad Idea Fires its Retailers

Bad Idea

Bad Idea has stated repeatedly that the publisher is “over”. After their current solicited comics are released that the company “as we know it” would be done. As part of their ending, they’re firing all of their retailers… and then opening up applications to join their program as a “destination store”.

Bad Idea has limited the number of stores it will sell to, creating a curated list of stores that must follow specific rules to join. Any deviation and the store is expelled, and there’s been a few expelled already.

Any store that was part of the previous program, on a waitlist, or new can apply to become a destination store should Bad Idea return in some new form.

To join the program, stores must:

  1. must keep the BAD IDEA point of purchase items prominently displayed for the time being. We have very specific disposal plans and will be in touch about those shortly.
  2. must continue to honor and abide by the rest of the BAD IDEA rules through the release of the remaining FINAL FIVE issues delayed by the paper crisis and beyond.
  3. must have an account in good financial standing with no past due invoices.
  4. complete the application form below.

Stores interested in joining the program can fill out the application here.