Bad Idea is Over… Or is It?

Today, Bad Idea sent out a message intimating that the publisher’s run would end at the end of the year. That “Bad Idea is over”. But, with a publisher that has launched with numerous stunts, double-speak, and out-there promotion, it’s hard to take it all seriously.

I myself have doubts the publisher is going to close as the announcement states “as we know it must end”. For those reading between the lines the “as we know it” is key. It means there’ll be a change for Bad Idea in the future. It could be their distribution plan. It could be the release of single issues and moving to trades. Or, maybe, they’re finally launching digital releases.

In fact, Dinesh Shamdasani, the CEO of Bad Idea hinted their plan was to “go away” and then relaunch the company in an Absolute Comics Podcast. You can find the segment at the 29:22 mark.

But, for a company that so far as been built on stunts, expect this to be another.

Read the full message below:

Bad Idea over