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Preview: Red Sonja (Vol. 6) #3

Red Sonja (Vol. 6) #3

writer: Mirka Andolfo
artist: Giuseppe Cafaro
covers: Mirka Andolfo (A), Jay Anacleto (B), Joseph Michael Linsner (C), Erica D’urso (D), Tabitha Lyons Cosplay Variant (E), Mirka Andolfo (F-RI/BW), Erica D’Urso (G-RI/Virgin), Joseph Michael Linsner (H-RI/BW)
FC | 32 pages | Sword and Sorcery | $3.99 | Teen+


The She-Devil is in pursuit of warlocks in the swamps of the Koroths River.

She will need the aid of a renegade slave, in order to battle necromancers. It is a battle of dark arts, against hardened steel.

The ongoing adventures continue, from MIRKA ANDOLFO (Sweet Paprika) and GIUSEPPE CAFARO (Sacred Six)!

Red Sonja (Vol. 6) #3
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