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The Batman Who Laughs: The Grim Knight #1

It was a pretty quiet day as far as news but here’s some from around the web. Check some news and reviews out while you wait for the work day to end and weekend to begin.

The Beat – Bryan Singer No Longer Directing the Red Sonja Movie – Good. It took a while and he shouldn’t have been hired in the first place… but better late than never.


ComicBook – The Batman Who Laughs: The Grim Knight #1
The Beat –
Wolf’s Head #1 and #2

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Red Sonja #2

It’s a new week and we’ve got so much coming! There’s a new “People’s History” later today as well as lots of Captain Marvel coverage! While you wait for that, here’s some comic news and a review from around the web.

Wired – Captain Marvel Has a Very Important Message About Skrulls – Our own Elana takes on Captain Marvel and the Skrulls!

Hollywood Reporter – eBay Teams With Comic Creator Gail Simone for ‘Superheroine HQ’ – Cool to see.

PennLive – Comic books and metal music combine in upcoming Harrisburg concert – This sounds interesting.

The Beat – A Year of Free Comics: Aatmaja Pandya’s Phantom, One of The Best Comics of 2016, is Now Online – Free comics!


AIPT! – Red Sonja #2

Preview: Red Sonja (Vol.5) #2

Red Sonja (Vol.5) #2

writer: Mark Russell
artist: Mirko Colak
covers: Amanda Conner (A), Joseph Michael Linsner (B), Christian Ward (C), Joe Jusko (D), Cosplay Variant (E)
Seduction (RI), Amanda Conner (RI-B/W), Joseph Michael Linsner (RI-B/W), Joe Jusko (RI-Virgin), Seduction (RI-Virgin)
FC | 32 pages | Action/Adventure | $3.99 | Teen+


Dragan The Magnificent marches his massive Zamoran army to do battle with Sonja’s puny Hyrkanianforces. Any other monarch would retreat in cowardly fear. But Sonja will rely on the lessons she learned at THE COURT OF THE KHITAI, and empty her nephew Kryon’s BROTHERS OF MISFORTUNE…

The epic ongoing continues, by MARK RUSSELL (The Flintstones, The Wonder Twins) and MIRKO COLAK (Conan).

NOTE: Order 15 or more copies of Red Sonja #2 (Covers A-E any combination) and qualify to have your order made fully returnable.

Red Sonja (Vol.5) #2

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The Green Lantern #4

It’s new comic book day tomorrow! What’s everyone excited for? What do you plan on getting? Sound off in the comments below! While you think about that, here’s some comic news and reviews from around the web in our morning roundup.

Newsarama – Gail Simone Takes Over Tony Stark: Iron Man for War of Realms – Where totally in for it.

The Mary Sue – It’s About Time: Bryan Singer’s Red Sonja Put On Hold – Well past time.


Newsarama – The Green Lantern #4
The Beat –

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Red Sonja #1

It was new comic book day yesterday. What’d everyone get? What’d you like? What’d you dislike? Sound off in the comments below.

CBR – The Walking Dead Lawsuit Sets May 2020 Trial Date – Expect a lot of news out of this lawsuit.

Newsarama – The Boondocks Returns To Take on Trump, MSNBC, and R. Kelly – Welcome back, you’ve been missed.


Newsarama – Age of X-Man: Marvelous X-Men #1
Newsarama –
Daredevil #1
Comics Bulletin –
G.I. Joe: Sierra Muerte #1
Newsarama –
The Girl in the Bay #1
Old Man Quill #1
Newsarama –
Old Man Quill #1
Comics Bulletin –
Red Sonja #1

Graphic Policy’s Top Comic Picks this Week!

Magical Beatdown Vol. 1

Wednesdays are new comic book day! Each week hundreds of comics are released, and that can be pretty daunting to go over and choose what to buy. That’s where we come in!

Each week our contributors choose what they can’t wait to read this week or just sounds interesting. In other words, this is what we’re looking forward to and think you should be taking a look at!

Find out what folks think below, and what comics you should be looking out for this Wednesday.

Conan the Barbarian #3 (Marvel) – The first two issues were fantastic and the third is most likely more of the same. One of the best new series in 2019.

Daredevil #1 (Marvel) – A hell of a debut which gets Daredevil back to basics.

Die #3 (Image Comics) – A great spin on roleplaying games, Kieron Gillen, Stephanie Hans, and Clayton Cowles have been knocking it out of the park.

Female Furies #1 (DC Comics) – A mini-series focused on the Female Furies? Yeah, we’re in.

G.I. Joe: Sierra Muerte #1 (IDW Publishing) – Michel Fiffe takes on G.I. Joe, that’s all you need to know.

Magical Beatdown #1 (Silver Sprocket) – Hyper violent street harassment revenge fantasy in the style of Sailor Moon about about an average schoolgirl who transforms into a foul-mouthed and rage-fuelled Magical Girl. Yeah, we’re sold.

Marvel Action: Avengers #2 (IDW Publishing) – The first issue was solid all-ages fun and we’re expecting the same from this second issue.

Red Sonja #1 (Dynamite Entertainment) – Mark Russell taking on Red Sonja? Yeah, we’re intrigued.

Vindication #1 (Image Comics/Top Cow Productions) – We’re nervous and intrigued on this one which seems to be taking on police corruption and our broken judicial system.

The Wrong Earth #6 (AHOY Comics) – One of the best new series in the past year from the best new publisher wraps up its first story arc.

Preview: Red Sonja (Vol.5) #1

Red Sonja (Vol.5) #1

writer: Mark Russell
artist: Mirko Colak
covers: Amanda Conner (A), Joseph Michael Linsner (B), Christian Ward (C), Frank Cho (D), Cosplay (E)
“Seduction” (RI), Amanda Conner (RI-B/W), Joseph Michael Linsner, (RI-B/W), Frank Cho (RI-B/W), “Seduction” (RI-B/W), Joe Jusko Painted Sneak Peek (RI)
FC | 32 pages | Sword and Sorcery | $3.99 | Teen+

No man knows the place of her birth, nor where she learned to wield a sword to shame many a male. They know only that she is called The She-Devil of The Hyrkanian Steppes. That, and RED SONJA.

MARK RUSSELL (The Flintstones) and MIRKO COLAK (Conan) bring a savage tale of metal and blood. A world conqueror possesses a massive army and a fatal prophecy. A bastard sorceress craves revenge. And a fearsome red-haired warrior is made wartime ruler of a homeland set for decimation.

Red Sonja (Vol.5) #1

Red Sonja Pint Glasses, Out Now

Red Sonja Pint Glasses

Art: Frank Thorne

Let Red Sonja quench your thirst for action! Enjoy a tall glass o’ ale (or another preferred beverage, if you’re not a Hyrkanian warrior) in official Women of Dynamite Glassware. These two (2) sturdy pint glasses celebrate vintage images of the She-Devil with a Sword, as she appeared on the covers to Marvel Feature #4 (1975) and Red Sonja #1 (1977), both as illustrated by acclaimed fantasy artist Frank Thorne! Featuring the ever-classic Red Sonja logo on the back of each glass, this two-piece set ships in a protective case. Knock one back and have an adventure!

Red Sonja Pint Glasses

Red Sonja Unleashes Her Seduction Cover Variants from Bob Q!

Red Sonja

Dynamite has announced an ongoing set of “Seduction” variants for every issue of the upcoming Red Sonja series from acclaimed artist Bob Q! Each cover will pit Sonja against classic mystical myths…sirens, nymphes, sorceresses, goddesses and more! As illustrated in a deadly yet seductive style, as only an artist as Bob could do it.

Fans should ask their Local Comic Shop whether they ordered copies of Bob’s cover for issue #1. Final Order Cutoff for the issue will be Monday, February 14. Fans and retailers can now order Red Sonja #2, by Mark Russell and Mirko Colak, in the March 2019 copy of Diamond’s Previews.

The other stunning covers for the first issue include the incomparable works of Amanda Conner, Joseph Michael Linsner, Christian Ward, Frank Cho and a cosplay variant featuring model Jesyka Rose.

Preview: Red Sonja Vol. 4 #25

Red Sonja Vol. 4 #25

writer: Amy Chu, Erik Burnham
artist: Carlos Gomez
covers: Mike McKone (A), Erica Henderson (B), Tom Mandrake (C), David Williams (D), Cosplay Cover (E-Sub)
Mike McKone (RI-Virg), Dave Williams (RI-Virg), Tom Mandrake (RI-B/W), Cosplay (RI-Virg)
FC | 32 pages | $3.99 | Teen+

The Sounds of Music! When the She-Devil saves a musician from a gang of thieves, she learns that some things are mightier than the sword and finds they have more in common than meets the eye.

Red Sonja Vol. 4 #25
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