Bad Idea Caps Odinn’s Eye Orders to their Final Five Pre-Order Levels

Bad Idea has announced an impact of the current labor and paper shortage and that means Odinn’s Eye #1-5 is going to be hard to find.

The publisher has announced that it has secured paper and while November releases won’t be impacted, December will be a bit more difficult. The publisher has said they are confident they can supply all upcoming orders for Pyrate Queen #4 and Monster Kill Squad #4 but to do so they are capping Odinn’s Eye orders.

Odinn’s Eye #1-5 orders are capped at their current “final five” pre-order levels and won’t be open for additional orders. That means effectively all five issues are “sold out” before release.

This also means that Bad Idea won’t have extra inventory of Odinn’s Eye #1-5 to replace any damaged product.

Bad Idea has also warned that the remaining comics in its 2021 schedule will likely be delayed to some extent.

Does this make Odinn’s Eye #1-5 one of the hardest releases to get yet for the publisher?

Odinn's Eye