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Destroyer of Light – Anti-Venom and Knull overtake the Battlerealm in Marvel Contest of Champions

The Contest continues as two new champions overtake the Battlerealm – Anti-Venom and Knull! Find out more about their stories in MARVEL Contest of Champions as Kabam debuted an all-new motion comic teasing the two new Champions coming to the popular mobile fighter. Here is a quick look at what The Contest has in store this month:

A call for help from Nova has come in from the edge of the Symbiote Lands, the unforgiving Battlerealm region that the many Kylntar, (or “Symbiotes”) call home.

Nova picked up a distress signal from within the Symbiote Lands, one that supplied only foreboding words: “HE IS HERE. OVERRUN.”

With the rest of the Battlerealm’s Champions indisposed, he has turned to The Contest’s most reliable hero, The Summoner!


Eddie Brock, now separated from the Venom Symbiote, had his cancer cured by Martin Li, the alter ego of the Super Villain  Mister Negative. Unbeknown to Li, his healing powers fused with the remnants of the Symbiote in Eddie’s body and created a new mindless Symbiote now known as Anti-Venom.

When all that existed was the darkness there was Knull and he thrived in it. But when the Celestial’s creations began consuming his Living Abyss with radiant light, he retaliated. Knull felled one of these primordial gods, absorbing its power and forming All-Black, the Necrosword. With the power of the Celestials on his side and sheer darkness as his weapon, Knull spawned an army of his own, the Symbiotes. Creatures formed from darkness and fear and designed to extinguish the light.

Both characters will arrive in the game in October. Other MARVEL Contest of Champions updates, including bug fixes, balance updates, the COSMIC ECLIPSE Quest and more can be found HERE.

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