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Gregg Katzman Promoted to Director of Marketing & Publicity for Valiant Entertainment

Gregg Katzman

Valiant looks towards the future by promoting Gregg Katzman to Director of Marketing & Publicity.

As the Director of Marketing & Publicity, Gregg Katzman will continue to utilize nearly a decade of experience in comics press to help shape the future of the Valiant Universe in announcement strategies, internal feedback on everything from covers to stories, and so much more.

Since joining the company in 2018 as the Marketing Coordinator followed by his role as the Marketing Manager and then Marketing & Publicity Manager, Gregg has remained focused on expanding Valiant’s outreach through building and maintaining authentic press and fan relationships to elevate Valiant’s legacy in the industry. With a B.A. in Communications from the University of Hartford and two years serving as the Marketing & Events Manager at Midtown Comics, Gregg will help pave the way for an ambitious 2022 slate of epic new stories all working together within the iconic shared Valiant Universe.  With the upcoming launch of The Harbinger on October 27th and the return of Shadowman in January, readers can expect a heightened focus on flagship and fan-favorite characters moving forward.

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