Review: Last Flight Out #1

Last Flight Out #1

Last Flight Out #1 is an interesting debut. The comic centers on a man who is completely unlikeable. There’s little when it comes to any redeeming qualities. In fact, the series is about escaping a dying Earth and part of me wants him to be left behind so he suffers. But, after reading the first issue, I still want to see where this goes.

Marc Guggenheim takes us to another doomed Earth. This one has been ravaged by climate change and disease like COVID. Arks are being constructed to escape the planet with the third and last to take off in a day. The architect behind those arcs is an utter asshole and horrible father who neglected his daughter after his wife, her mother, died in a car accident. Is it any surprise she ran away and might not want to leave the planet with her father?

Last Flight Out #1 is set up as a journey of a father who is attempting to reach his daughter before disaster. But, it reads about a rich, privileged asshole who endangers a group of soldiers so he can force his daughter to do something she probably doesn’t want to do. I’m sure there’ll be twists and turns in there but right now, I’m hoping a soldier accidently caps the main character in the head during the journey.

What’s really interesting about the series is the small details Guggenheim includes. There’s of course the info about how the world has gone to crap but it’s the small mentions of what has been done to build these arks to escape. There’s the use of social media discussions to echo the denial that is currently dooming our world. The strained relationship and want of escape is something so many of us are experiencing and so many of us want to do. Guggenheim captures some of the current zeitgeist in this science fiction tale.

The art by Eduardo Ferigato sets up the world nicely. We’re mostly presented a bubble of wealth and privilege. The series is clearly taking us elsewhere so the change between what we’ve witnessed and what we will witness will be interesting. Joined by Marcelo Costa on color and Diego Sanches on lettering, the art does a solid job of delivering an emotional coldness throughout. There’s a calculated decision in everything it feels like and that feels reflected in the characters, none of whom feel warm beyond the small child neglected.

Last Flight Out #1 is an interesting comic. The main character is one we want to die. I’m cheering for the military with him to just put a bullet in him and head back to the ship before it takes off. I want something bad to happen. But, I’m also intrigued as to where this is going. Is there any redemption? Will there be a “happy” ending? With such a bleak, cold opening, here’s hoping the comic delivers a little hope and happiness.

Story/Co-Creator: Marc Guggenheim Art/Co-Creator: Eduardo Ferigato
Color: Marcelo Costa Letterer: Diego Sanches
Story: 7.0 Art: 7.5 Overall: 7.35 Recommendation: Read

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