It’s Music and Magic with Monsters & Midways

Second Sight Publishing has announced a new a six issue limited series that was originally thought up by a comics rookie in 50-year-old Chicago O’Hare Airport police officer, Nick Goodwin. Monsters & Midways had been in his head for years until he mentioned it to his neighbor and friend, Chuck Satterlee.

In Monsters & Midways, A down on his luck heavy metal guitarist in 1976 Chicago hasn’t gotten very far with his songs about elves and wizards and dark magic. Let’s see how he does with the real thing. M&M has magic and wizards and barbarians and elves and monsters and is simply a good old-fashioned fun comic book tale set in a time and place both Goodwin and Satterlee know well… the Chicago of their childhoods. Another way to think of MONSTERS & MIDWAYS is to take a cover of heavy metal magazine and a cover of Savage Sword of Conan. Shred both, pack them in a bowl and smoke them. That’s MONSTERS & MIDWAYS! Essentially, an ancient wizard with a lack of people skills teams up with a magic weapon maker and a brand new Barbarian in order to stop an evil wizard from mixing dark magic and nuclear energy… and with it, the end of the world as we know it.   

In addition to the covers and interiors by Jeremy Megert, readers of the series will also see variant covers by industry legends, Phil Hester, Tyler Walpole, and Ben Templesmith. The series will be colored by Mickey Clausen and lettered by industry legend, Tom Orzechowski.