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Review: Moon Knight #2

Moon Knight #2

What’s a rather disgusting way that someone could control someone? How about by having drops of sweat contaminate their water. Moon Knight #2 breaks the question of why the elderly mob was all under the control of one mind, as Moon Knight cracks that problem by discovering the building’s janitor has the ability to control others through his sweat. There’s still someone in the shadows that’s out to get Moon Knight but that’s a tale for another issue.

Moon Knight is a character that works very well in a supernatural world so pairing him with a vampire assistant actually kinda works. I don’t know how I feel with there being an issue between Khonshu and MK. It feels like every volume of this title has this trope and it gets old but for now, it’s not presenting any storytelling problems. Having Marc Spector in full control works for me. I do kind of feel like being an older Marvel fan and reader of Moon Knight that I’m having to adapt to a lot of changes to the world he exists in but nothing feels like a negative. I like what Jed MacKay is doing here, establishing what feels like a normal version of Marc and putting him in what almost feels like a position that Daredevil would be in: a savior to those who need him and one that people can easily reach. Also, I thought the sequence where Marc tastes the sweat, gross as it was, led to a really powerful moment showcasing what you get when you cross the ex-Avenger. It’s a subtle but awesome reminder that Moon Knight is a bad-ass.

Alessandro Cappuccio’s art is reminisce to me of an early Jae Lee and I think it rocks on a book like Moon Knight. I think an art style like this could really pay off if this books gets really deep into things like vampires or even Marc’s association with werewolves and other supernatural threats. It’s dark and brooding and there’s something almost fearsome in the eyes of the possessed in this issue. And again, back to the moment Moon Knight defeated the poisonous janitor, the visuals were impressive. Great colors by Rachelle Rosenberg and Cory Petit’s letters continue to work. And I hope we continue to see Steve McNiven covers as I thought this issue had a great cover.

I was really happy with Moon Knight #2. He’s one of my favorite Marvel characters. I think most of the Moon Knight runs always start with a lot of promise and great execution, but then after a year or two just become something rather unremarkable. I hope Marvel and even Jed MacKay can continue to give us issues like this one because I know it’s a character with a bigger future ahead and a loyal fanbase that want these adventures to continue. I definitely think this is an issue to read.

Story: Jed MacKay Art: Alessandro Cappuccio
Color: Rachelle Rosenberg Letterer: Cory Petit
Story: 8.0 Art: 8.0 Overall: 8.0

Marvel provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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