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Bad Idea’s Hero Trade: Passive/Aggressive is Two Comics One Cover

Hero Trade: Passive/Aggressive

Bad Idea has been about different ideas when it comes to their comic releases. No trades. One per customer. No digital. No variants. Issues in constant print availability. It’s been an experiment we’ve all gotten to watch. Now, they’ve decided to try something even more different, a comic with two different interiors. Hero Trade: Passive/Aggressive‘s main story is written by Matt Kindt with art by David Lapham (there’s also a b-side by Kindt and Klaus Janson). The issue was delayed and out this week and is not one, but two comics.

While the cover is the same, Hero Trade: Passive/Aggressive is two different interior comics, “Passive” and “Aggressive”. Together, the two stories deliver a bigger picture of an interconnected story.

One story is about a vigilante robbed by Russian hackers out for revenge to get their money back. That’s the issue we received. The other is about a Russian hacker who tries to escape from that life.

The comic also features blank pages for… something.

It’s unknown how it was determined as to which store got which comic and sales listings haven’t helped narrow that down. So, which did you get and will you try to get the other? What do you all think about the promotion? Does it feel like a way to get around the “no variant” rule?

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