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Review: The Modern Frankenstein #2

The Modern Frankenstein #2

The Modern Frankenstein #2 continues a series that’s been an interesting exploration of ethics in the world of medicine. Dr. Cleve was given a glimpse of the world Dr. Frankenstein was working on and left with a quandary. What he’s doing isn’t ethical but the cause and reasons he’s doing so are enough to make one pause. The story is an updated take on the classic tale and in the age of COVID, it feels well-timed.

Writer Paul Cornell is delivering a solid update to the classic story of Frankenstein giving it an ethical spin under today’s modern rules. With debates about how quickly the COVID vaccine was developed and conspiracies over shortcuts, the timing of the series feels appropriate. Cornell also delivers enough in the story to make the reader pause. We can understand why Dr. Cleve is enamored, in multiple ways, with Frankenstein. His work is cutting edge and can do real good for the world. Though she doesn’t completely discuss it, you can tell Cleve has a slight pause in how it’s been going about. Though, it’s not enough for her to not participate.

Cornell also adds a bit of romance to the story. There’s a sexual tension between Cleve and Frankenstein that spills over in the issue. There’s enough laid out there that it all makes sense. These are two attractive individuals who are really attracted to each other over what they see as their brilliance. Though, in Cleve’s case it also feels like there might be some attraction in the danger of it all.

Emma Vieceli brings a bit of sexiness to The Modern Frankenstein #2. There’s a tension throughout the comic as Cleve and Frankenstein do their dance. There’s also a subtle amount of horror in what they’re all doing. The issue does a fantastic job of balancing it all to create an issue that delivers a bit of everything. Pippa Bowland‘s colors delivers a pop to the issue with some really interesting choices at key moments to highlight something. Simon Bowland‘s lettering does a solid job of keeping the dialogue flowing while also getting out of the way of the art. This isn’t a series that has a ton of dialogue but when it does there’s a solid balance of the lettering and the art.

The Modern Frankenstein #2 gives us an escalation of things in many ways. There’s a dance about the comic as Cleve and Frankenstein orbit each other in numerous ways. It’s a solid new take on the classic story that adds a sexiness and danger about it all while keeping the horror always present.

Story: Paul Cornell Art: Emma Vieceli
Color: Pippa Bowland Letterer: Simon Bowland
Story: 8.15 Art: 8.15 Overall: 8.15 Recommendation: Buy

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