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Marvel Celebrates 35 years of Aliens with Aliens: Aftermath #1 by Benjamin Percy and Dave Wachter

This July, Marvel will honor the 35th Anniversary of Aliens with a special one-shot by writer Benjamin Percy and artist Dave Wachter. Celebrating one of the most influential science-fiction films of all time, Aliens: Aftermath #1 will be a double-sized issue featuring an all-new story set in the same terrifying universe of Aliens. The action will take place at Hadley’s Hope and present a terrifying possible future for LV-426, the location of the groundbreaking 1986 film.

It’s been 35 years since the tragedy of the Hadley’s Hope colony, but what happened during that ill-fated venture has been shrouded in mystery. A renegade crew of investigative journalists are heading towards the moon that Weyland-Yutani has wiped from all records, and they’ll bring back the truth even if it kills them…and what remains in that bombed-out site will try to do just that.

Check out Phil Noto’s cover below and pick up Aliens: Aftermath #1 when it hits stands on July 14th!

Aliens: Aftermath #1
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