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Steve Ekstrom Joins Behemoth as new Editorial Director

Steve Ekstrom

Behemoth Comics has announced the addition of comic book creator Steve Ekstrom to their company as the new Editorial Director.

Ekstrom’s role will primarily focus on the development of new creator-owned content with Behemoth’s Publisher, Nathan Yocum. Ekstrom will have expanded creative roles on several licensed projects connected to recent popular horror and sci-fi films as well as developing branded content for some popular projects featured on Netflix. Ekstrom is also spearheading the development of a direct-to-digital imprint, D2D, with the launch of a digital anthology in late 2021 sold exclusively by Behemoth on Comixology.

Steve Ekstrom is an award-winning writer and accomplished indie comics writer, letterer, editor and publisher with various credits at DC Comics, Image Comics, Top Shelf Publications, Pilot Studios, Imminent Press, Tin Star Studios and 803 Studios.

Ekstrom and Vanja Miskovic recently signed a creator-owned deal with Behemoth for the Serbian crime comic, SOKO, with artist Antonio Fuso, and colorist Stefano Simeone. SOKO #1 will launch in November 2021 with a cover by RM Guera.

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