Review: Batman: The Detective #1

Batman: The Detective #1

Bat-computer, queue “Holliday Road” because it’s “Batman’s European Vacation”! Batman: The Detective #1 kicks off a European mystery for Batman as a Wayne Airlines jet goes down due to terrorist action. This gets Bruce, as Batman, out of the Batcave and across the ocean to figure who is behind the attack and why.

The story is a good one with a simple action and mystery to it that feels like a fun, self-contained story. With an opening that’s worthy of the big screen, writer Tom Taylor balances things well. There’s an emphasis on a Batman who has been beaten down. He’s older, and slower, than his opponents. But, he still has the skill the rely upon and defeat the enemy. It forces Taylor to dance between the detective aspect of the character and that of the skilled fighter. By, the issue’s end, Batman has figured out what stands out about the individuals on the downed plane but not why. And in-between figuring that out, there’s fantastic action serquences.

The art is by Andy Kubert with Brad Anderson on color and Clem Robins on lettering. The art has a bit of a retro-feel to it in a good way. The art and story together remind me a bit of the oversized Batman comics I read growing up where a story was wrapped up in two-issues. Kubert delivers a punch, literally. The action sequences are big and the fights sequences solid. Kubert and the team also capture a broken Batman. Bruce looks worn down and tired, Kubert captures this perfectly. You can see and “feel” the pain.

Batman: The Detective #1 is a fun start to a self-contained Batman story. It takes him to unfamiliar territory and seems to mix his different aspects well. It’s a nice break from the greater macro Batman story taking place currently in other series. There’s some that’s a bit classic about it, a comic you can just pick up and enjoy.

Story: Tom Taylor Art: Andy Kubert
Ink: Andy Kubert Color: Brad Anderson Letterer: Clem Robins
Story: 8.25 Art: 8.4 Overall: 8.3 Recommendation: Buy

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