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Review: Man-Bat #3

Man-Bat #3

Man-Bat has been an interesting issue through its three issues. The series has been an exploration of Kirk Langstrom and the good and bad as far as his time as Man-Bat. Kirk has lofty goals with good in mind. But, his drive has lead to nothing but disaster and heartbreak. Man-Bat #3 emphasizes that in multiple ways and leaves you feeling some sympathy for the character.

Dave Wielgosz gives us the story of a man whose heart is in the right place. Driven by his sister’s hearing impairment Kirk has focused on hearing in his career in hopes of bringing her hearing back. But, that delivers some problematic issues as it implies she’s “broken to be fixed”. His heart is there but he doesn’t consider his action’s impact on others. This issue opens with Harley Quinn talking to Kirk and Man-Bat about all of that and that he has some issues with women as a whole. It’s an interesting diagnosis and observation that weighs on the reader as the issue progresses. We see Kirk’s ex-wife and meet his sister. Each segment feels like it ties back to what Harley had to say. You feel sorry for Kirk in some ways because he’s trying to do the right thing and is talented, he just has some clear issues in the way of really helping society. There’s a tragedy to it all.

Wielgosz also uses Man-Bat #3 to start to bring together the bigger issue. The debut had the theft of a sonic weapon as its focus. We now get a better idea as to the why of it all and things get interesting due to that. And where it goes works as it also continues the focus on Kirk and his issues as well. The broader story plays into the comics’ exploration of Man-Bat and Kirk.

The art by Sumit Kumar is really good. There’s some comedy within the horror. The comic really does a great mix of things in visual tone and it all works together. Romulo Fajardo, Jr.‘s color and lettering by Tom Napolitano helps bring it all together. There’s some action, there’s some horror, there’s some comedy as well. Then there’s the heartache through it all as well. The characters really deliver when it comes to that so you can feel their sadness.

Man-Bat #3 is a great issue that really brings together the focus of the comic on Man-Bat’s tragedy and the conflict. It all works really well as well. It doesn’t feel force and it comes together in a generally natural way. It should be interesting where it all goes as we’re lead to believe that time is ticking for Man-Bat. With just a few issues left in the series, there could be a lot more tragedy to come.

Story: Dave Wielgosz Art: Sumit Kumar
Color: Romulo Fajardo, Jr. Letterer: Tom Napolitano
Story: 7.95 Art: 7.95 Overall: 7.95 Recommendation: Read

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