The Dusk Kickstarts a new Superhero

Down below the abandoned skyscrapers and crumbling colonial architecture, beneath the buzzing lights and ragged billboards, is a fading, floundering city propped up by vice, extortion, and fear. This is BLACKSTONE—a dark, mirror image of Boston or Philadelphia. A city whose history dates back to the earliest days of our nation.

Jaime Nuñez is a former baseball hero turned public defender. After coming into a fortune and some super heroic tools, he discovers there might be a more direct way to do good in the world.

The Dusk is a new superhero comic from Creation.Ink and Alex Segura, Elizabeth Little, and David Hahn, with Ellie Wright and Taylor Esposito. It’s currently running on Kickster and will be published by Ominous Press.

The Dusk is a modern reimagining of the superhero vigilante that flips the script on the traditional “might makes right” approach while adding the grounded, socially conscious perspective that modern crime fiction has become known for.

There’s a lot of options to back the comic with single issues, collected graphic novel, t-shirt, and so much more.

The campaign runs until April 22 at 11:50 AM and is looking to raise $39,500.

The Dusk