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Review: Stray Dogs #2

Stray Dogs #2

The first issue of Stray Dogs was fantastic delivering a familiar mystery but in a way and from a perspective that’s so new and different. Stray Dogs #2 continues to build on the mystery of what happened to Sophie’s owner all in Don Bluth style visuals.

Written by Tony Fleecs, Stray Dogs #2 is an interesting comic that delivers fear and emotion in unexpected places. The readers can feel for Sophie who feels lost and at the same time something bad has happened. It’s an interesting story in that it’s a murder mystery from a dog’s perspective but it also delivers characters readers can connect to. Every dog has a very distinct personality but it’s Sophie and her new friend Rusty that stand out. Sophie is scared in an unknown place and wants to find out the truth. It also happens Sophie has a horrible memory. Rusty is her one real friend in the bunch and so far has shown a friendship so many long for.

But what Fleecs does that’s truly amazing is keeps the readers guessing. It’s not clear as to what has happened to Sophie’s former owner. Was she murdered? Is Sophie living with the murderer? Is there something else going on? Fleecs teases just enough to keep readers guessing. It also helps build the creep factor into it all.

That’s helped by the art of Trish Forstner. Along with color by Brad Simpson, layouts by Tone Rodriguez, and work by flatter Lauren Perry, the series looks like classic animation, a beautiful almost innocent style that belies the more sinister undertones. Looking at these cute dogs and their antics, you almost forget it’s possible they’re living with a serial killer. The art style disarms the readers in some ways. The art also helps drop Fleecs’ hints. You’re forced to linger on pages and panels looking for the clues as to what has happened.

Stray Dogs #2 is another solid issue that builds upon the mystery. It teases hints and answers but leaves readers guessing. It also builds a dread throughout that you’re not quite sure about. A fantastic series with a familiar concept but a whole new perspective.

Story: Tony Fleecs Art: Trish Forstner
Color: Brad Simpson Layouts: Tone Rodriguez Flatters: Lauren Perry
Logo/Design: Lauren Herda Pre-Press: Gabriela Downie
Story: 8.25 Art: 9.0 Overall: 8.45 Recommendation: Buy

Image Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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