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Almighty #1 is a frustrating start

Almighty #1

The year is 2098 in a Third World America ravaged by economic collapse, anarcho-warfare, and a mysterious environmental disaster contained behind a massive wall. A girl has been abducted, and a killer has been hired to find her and bring her home. That setup for Almighty #1 sounds like an intriguing read but unfortunately the debut falls a bit short of being truly exciting and interesting.

Written by Edward Laroche, Almighty #1 delivers a pretty typical post-apocalyptic story. It hints at the world and the history which is far more interesting than the simple rescue and chase presented. A girl is being held by horrible people and a mysterious individual rescues her and takes her on the run from more horrible people who want her back. It’s not complicated and it’s something we’ve seen many times over with little to make it stand out. It doesn’t make it bad at all, it’s just very bland and typical missing out on chances to stand out from the pack.

Where Almighty #1 does stand out is its mysteries. We don’t know much about this abducted girl and why she’s wanted back nor her rescuer. There might lie the more interesting aspects of the comic, but as presented, it’s a tease and a dance than the clear focus of the series to come.

Laroche’s art though stands out. With Brad Simpson on color and lettering by Jaymes Reed, Almighty #1 features interesting characters and design choices that each tell a bit of the story. They’re hints at a world that’s far more interesting than the story presented. The rescuer Fale’s eyes and tattoos hint at a much deeper story and background than simple bounty hunter hired to bring an abducted person home. Small details like a car traveling down a highway tell so much about the world. There’s clearly a lot of thought put into all of that and it does stand out. It’s a world with a story that I want to learn more about.

Almighty #1 isn’t a bad debut, it’s just a teaser of what’s to come and it’s pretty standard. People are on the run and people are pursuing them. Beyond that, it’s a thin for plot but there’s potential here. Laroche has teased an intriguing world and hopefully that exploration delivers an interesting read. As is though, it’s a story we’ve seen far too many times.

Story: Edward Laroche Art: Edward Laroche
Color: Brad Simpson Letterer: Jaymes Reed
Story: 7.0 Art: 8.1 Overall: 7.0 Recommendation: Read

Image Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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Steve Foxe and Piotr Kowalski deliver a new vision of horror in All Eight Eyes

Steve Foxe and Piotr Kowalski present a new vision of creature-feature terror in their new horror series, All Eight Eyes!

This brand-new series reunites the team of Foxe, Kowalski, colorist Brad Simpson, and letterer Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou following their collaboration in Razorblades: The Horror Magazine, a taboo-busting anthology of terror co-created by Foxe and multiple Eisner-winner James Tynion IV. All Eight Eyes takes readers back to the forgotten corners of post-9/11 New York City, where college dropout Vin Spencer floats through life in a drug-and-party-fueled haze until one terrible night sweeps him into a drifter’s reckless war against the giant eight-legged horrors stalking the city’s most vulnerable residents. 

All Eight Eyes issue #1 (of 4) skitters into comic shops April 19, 2023 along with a variant cover by James Stokoe.

All Eight Eyes will be collected in a paperback edition, including all four issues, a pinup section with art from James Stokoe, Martin Simmonds, David Romero, and Trevor Henderson alongside a bonus sketchbook section. The All Eight Eyes TPB will be available November 8, 2023 and is now available to pre-order at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and your local comic shop and indie bookstore.

Rogue State #1 and Godkiller: For Those I Love I Will Sacrifice #1 go back to print

After immediately selling out at both Diamond Comics Distribution and Lunar Distribution, Black Mask is rushing new editions of two of its titles: Rogue State #1 and Godkiller: For Those I Love I Will Sacrifice #1.

Rogue State #1 hit the ground running by selling out of its First Printing on release day last November when it debuted as Black Mask’s all-time top-ordered book, and now both Second Printing covers by Jasmin Darnell have also sold out within days of release. The new Third Printing set for release on February 8th will feature a new cover by series artist C. Granda.

Godkiller: For Those I Love I Will Sacrifice #1 exploded onto shelves last week, with this newest launch from the Godkiller universe selling out immediately on its day of release. Its Second Printing is also planned for a February 8th release, featuring two covers (a standard edition and a bagged-NSFW edition) by Jasmin Darnell.

Rogue State is illustrated by C. Granda, written by Matteo Pizzolo, colored by Brad Simpson, and lettered by Jim Campbell.

Godkiller: For Those I Love I Will Sacrifice is illustrated by Anna Muckcracker, written by Matteo Pizzolo, and lettered by Jim Campbell.

Skybound’s Creepshow #4 Grapples with Vampires and Luchadors

Skybound has unveiled a first look at Creepshow #4, the latest issue of the buzzed about five-issue comic book anthology based on Greg Nicotero’s hit Shudder TV series produced and licensed by Cartel Entertainment. Creepshow #4 will arrive in comic book shops on December 28, 2022.   

In the spirit of all iterations of Creepshow in pop culture, each issue of the Creepshow comic anthology series comes packed with two spine-chilling stories.  

First, Kyle Starks and Fran Galán deliver the story of a ragtag group of kids who hunted a nest of vampires in their neighborhood…and the one who lived to tell the tale. Fran is additionally on duty for colors, and Pat Brosseau letters the story. 

Then, Henry Barajas and Dani drop a hellacious tale of a fallen luchador who will do anything to claw her way back to the top! Brad Simpson colors the story, and Pat Brosseau letters this story as well. 

In addition to the main cover by Chris BurnhamCreepshow #4 comes with a stacked lineup of variant covers, including a cover by Dani, a 1:10 incentive cover by Vance Kelly, and a Spawn variant cover by Javi Fernandez as part of the celebration of the 30th anniversary of both Image Comics and Spawn. 

Creepshow #4 (of 5) will be available at comic book shops and digital platforms including Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, comiXology, and Google Play on Wednesday, December 28, 2022.  

The full list of covers is below: 

  • CREEPSHOW #4 CVR A by Chris Burnham (OCT220131) 
  • CREEPSHOW #4 CVR B by Dani (OCT220132) 
  • CREEPSHOW #4 CVR C by Vance Kelly (1:10 Incentive) (OCT220133)  
  • CREEPSHOW #4 CVR D SPAWN VARIANT by Javi Fernandez (SEP228060) 
Creepshow #4

Review: Rogue State #1

Rogue State #1

What if a contested Presidential election plunged America into turmoil? What if political violence consumed the streets? And what if a raging Supreme Court, in a strict interpretation of the 2nd Amendment, legitimized and deputized all militias, transforming the entire country into a paramilitary police state? Rogue State #1 takes reality and moves it to the extreme so many of us are worried about.

Written by Matteo Pizzolo, Rogue State #1 is an interesting start but doesn’t quite have the hook that’s pitched. While I was provided the first three issues, I read what I believe is just the first (it’s one file, so wasn’t 100% sure) and there’s a lot of potential. The idea of a nation torn apart by an election is one that has so much potential for storytelling. Where this series is going is a mysterious figure eventually rising and whether that individual is a freedom fighter or a terrorist. Unfortunately, none of that is conveyed in the debut. Instead, we get an inept militia, corrupt cops, and a character who seems to be very acrobatic for unknown reasons. It all comes across as good ideas, but not meshed together well.

Where Rogue State #1 falls flat is that none of the crisis or danger feels felt. There’s little escalation from what we see every so often on television. BLM protests and Antifa/Proud Boy clashes have more danger, tension, and stakes felt around them. We get a main character who’s an unemployed architect that can scale buildings like Spider-Man and a clash between protestors and police. All of which feels a bit exaggerated or not exaggerated enough. There’s also something about drugs and bootlegging but none of that really feels relevant so far, it just fills space. In other words, the danger of the world is never really established. Pizzolo opens with an inept militia that can shoot something 20 feet away and come off more Barney Fife than Terminator.

Carlos Granda‘s art doesn’t help matters. Characters aren’t consistent in their look which at times distracts and moments that should have the feel of danger feel more like slapstick comedy. The art tone, and tone of situations as a whole, don’t match the pitch. Granda is joined by Brad Simpson on color and Jim Campbell on lettering. The color does stand out in its purples and pinks, a sky motif playing off the sunset and down of a new day. The lettering I noticed one issue where it looks like a word was cut off at the top of the word balloon, an odd mistake.

Rogue State has potential and maybe as it gets going things improve. But, as an opening issue, Rogue State #1 falls into the trap so many high concept comics have lately. The concept doesn’t match the execution and things fall short of what is promised. It feels a bit scattered in its focus overall. We’ll see if that continues to be true but for a first issue, this one stumbles.

Story: Matteo Pizzolo Art: Carlos Granda
Color: Brad Simpson Letterer: Jim Campbell
Story: 7.0 Art: 7.0 Overall: 7.0 Recommendation: Read

Black Mask Studios provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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Dennis Hopeless, Piotr Kowalski, Brad Simpson, and Chas! Pangburn’s The Karman Line kicks off Mad Cave’s Graphic Novels

The Karman Line is the first release from Mad Cave Studios’ original graphic novels, written by Dennis Hopeless with art by Piotr Kowalski, colors by Brad Simpson, and letters by Chas! Pangburn!

It’s all sex, lies and betrayal on a reality show streaming from space until the crew receives a message reading “ABORT MISSION AND GET HOME NOW”. Things unravel quickly as they find the shuttle damaged and a crew member dead. They’ll have to fight to survive and hopefully escape… While cameras record everything.

Following The Karman Line, Mad Cave Studios will be releasing 5 other Original Graphic Novels in 2023 with creators Dan Panosian, Liana Kangas, Amit Tishler, Ennun Ana Iurov, among others.

The Karman Line is slated for March 2023.

Review: Forever Forward #1

Forever Forward #1 delivers an interesting spin on the time travel concept and shows off a lot of potential for the series.

Story: Zack Kaplan
Art: Arjuna Susini
Color: Brad Simpson
Letterer: Jim Campbell

Get your copy now! To find a comic shop near you, visit http://www.comicshoplocator.com or call 1-888-comicbook or digitally and online with the links below.

Zeus Comics

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Review: Forever Forward #1

Forever Forward #1

I generally enjoy time travel stories. The concept of someone from a different era exploring another is interesting. You get to see a world through someone else’s new experience. There’s also so many that leave the future unknown with the traveler stuck and attempting to find a way home. Forever Forward #1 adds to that niche of the genre.

Written by Zack Kaplan, Forever Forward #1 follows a group of friends who are launched 30 years into the future after a lightning storm accident. Friends really should be used loosely as there’s some friction. At the center of it is Lewis who discovers time travel and is obsessed with changing the world and getting it right. He’s shunned his friends, blowing them off over and over for “his work”. He’s confronted on his birthday when the accident happens and the adventure begins.

There’s something familiar about the concept but new at the same time. Kaplan puts in the nice twist that the only way for them to get home is to keep going forward until the way to go back in time is discovered. At least, that’s what we’re lead to believe and think. But, there’s a choppiness to the story that holds it back. We’re presented with a series of scenes that don’t quite feel like they flow well together. Each is solid on their own and they work together but it’s weirdly off. The emotional hits are also not quite where you’d expect. The confrontation with friends is great but when the travel begins the reactions don’t quite match what you’d think they’d be. Everyone’s a bit too calm in a way.

Some of that oddity for reaction is in the art from Arjuna Susini. While overall it’s good, there’s a lack of detail in the faces that downplays what’s going on. Where a good shock or wtf face would go a long way, the art lacks that minute detail which lessons the emotional shock. The color from Brad Simpson is solid as it helps convey the time with the first jump delivering a slightly darker and dirtier location of where the individuals launched from. The lettering by Jim Campbell too is solid delivering a lot of dialogue that flows well from panel to panel.

Forever Forward #1 is an intriguing start and one well worth checking out. There’s a lot of potential as to where Kaplan takes the series and the vision of the future. That’s often a lot of fun of these types of stories and so far what’s been teased promises an entertaining read going forward.

Story: Zack Kaplan Art: Arjuna Susini
Color: Brad Simpson Letterer: Jim Campbell
Story: 8.05 Art: 7.8 Overall: 8.0 Recommendation: Read

Zack Kaplan provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

Purchase: TFAWZeus Comics

Get a look at Bloodborne: Lady of the Lanterns #1

Bloodborne: Lady of the Lanterns #1

Writer: Cullen Bunn
Artist: Piotr Kowalski
Colorist: Brad Simpson
Letterer: Andworld Design
Cover A: Junggeun Yoon
Cover B: Abigail Harding
Cover C: Damien Worm
Cover D: Piotr Kowalski Co-Pic
Cover E: Blank Sketch Variant
Publisher: Titan Comics
FC, 32pp, $3.99
On Sale July 27, 2022



Enter the city of Yharnam through the eyes of its citizens, when new hunters take to the streets to fight against the cruel and unusual epidemic that has gripped the city. in the black of the night, families and faith will be tested…

Bloodborne: Lady of the Lanterns #1

Review: Cities of Magick #1

A gun-toting drifter wanders into Old York City looking for something no one’s ever seen before. He’s picked a bad time—the forces of Hyper-Priestess Isimar Rothschild, the Queen of the Chicago Conglomerate, have attacked Old York. Caught in the midst of a decade-old war between two powerful magick clans, the drifter has to figure out where his loyalties lie, if he has any to speak of, and he has to do it quick!

Story: Jakob Free
Art: Will Tempest
Color: Brad Simpson
Letterer/Design: Justin Birch

Get your copy now! To find a comic shop near you, visit http://www.comicshoplocator.com or call 1-888-comicbook or digitally and online with the links below.

Scout Comics
Zeus Comics

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