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Review: Snow Angels #2

Snow Angels #2

In Snow Angels #1, I was a bit fixated on trying to figure out the world. Was it ours but frozen? Was it something else? In Snow Angels #2, I no longer care about those details. Instead, I’m focused, full of tension, and just rolling with the frozen horror story that Jeff Lemire, Jock, and Steve Wands have created.

The first issue ended with the shock revelation that their entire village has been slaughtered. In Snow Angels #2, Millie, Mae Mae, and their father come face-to-face with the killer Snowman for the first time! It’s a tense issue as the trio must hide or face being murdered by the unknown entity and force. Why did the Snowman kill so many? One of the three rules were broken but we don’t know by who or what. It’s just a part of the mystery of the story.

Lemire doesn’t give answers in this issue. Instead, only more questions are presented in what is a classic horror aspect. While the hunter stalks its prey, the bodies of the village are the only protection that exists keeping the reader on the edge of their seat wondering if the trio will be found and what their fate is.

Lemire also uses the situation to give us more about this world and their beliefs. While it adds some depth to everything it also adds so many unknowns as to exactly what’s going on. Teases of what lies ahead hint at the history and what we might experience in the comic. But, in its basic form, Snow Angels #2 is a classic slasher horror story with the unstoppable force hunting its prey.

Jock’s art continues to impress, as expected. The world is a white tomb and the art reflects that with a depressed, though not depressing style. The look of terror on the characters as the Snowman hunts, plus its hunting, deliver a tension that builds throughout the scene. It’s a classic horror scene and Jock nails it perfectly. There’s something to the colors as well. With a limitation to blues and whites, the eye focuses on what isn’t. In this case, it’s our trio, the Snowman, and the bodies lying about. It keeps the focus on what matters without distractions and creates greater fear through the feel of emptiness.

Steve Wands lettering too helps build that tension reflecting how loud or soft the talking is and each word muttered possibly betraying their position. Just the lettering existing on the page creates stress and fear oozing from the page.

Snow Angels #2 is a solid entry. It both builds on the world and makes you forget about it and focus. There’s an anxiety that builds through the issue to the very last panel. It has me wanting to see what’s next as soon as possible.

Story: Jeff Lemire Art: Jock Letterer: Steve Wands
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy

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