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Updated: At Least One Comic Shop Expelled from Bad Idea’s Distribution

This Wednesday saw the launch of Bad Idea with ENIAC #1. The publisher is going with a different distribution model selling directly to shops instead of going through traditional distribution channels.

The publisher has also limited the number of shops participating in the program. For a shop to join, they must accept certain rules. The two rules that directly impact customers are:

  1. One copy per person
  2. Shops must sell copies for cover price for 30 days from the street date

Bad Idea has announced that at least one store violated these rules by selling first issues over cover price. Based on social media, some individuals have also been able to get more than one copy, though it’s unknown if they purchased them from multiple stores or if stores broke the rule of one per person.

ENIAC #1 has been a hit causing prices to skyrocket on sites such as ebay.

It’s unknown exactly which shop has been expelled but there has been requests to identify the shop so customers will be able to find alternatives.

Update: Jesse James Comics of Glendale, Arizona was the store whose account was terminated. Copies of ENIAC #1 were listed above cover price on Facebook. A post on Facebook has since gone up apologizing for the mistake.

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