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Kaiju are Unleased in the Trials of Ultraman Trailer

The Kaiju have escaped their vault. Only one hero dares to stand between humanity and these unstoppable monsters. Now begin The Trials of Ultraman!

Following his hit Marvel Comics debut, The Rise of Ultraman, Ultraman’s incredible saga will continue next month in a brand-new series. The Trials of Ultraman will see the return of writers Kyle Higgins and Mat Groom, artist Francesco Manna along with Eduardo Ferigato and Gurihiru, and colors by Espen Grundetjern as they dive even deeper into the fascinating Ultraman mythos. The new installment will pick up directly after Ultraman’s explosive battle with Bemular. Ultraman may have saved the world but now come the consequences. Earth’s greatest defender will have to contend with a suspicious populace, hidden enemies, and the mysterious return of a long-thought-lost comrade! The RISE is over and now Ultraman must face his greatest challenges yet. Check out the thrilling action to come in an all-new trailer, featuring never-before-seen artwork!

The adventures of the mysterious warrior beyond the stars continue! Don’t miss this exciting new chapter when The Trials of Ultraman #1 hits stands on March 17th with a cover by Arthur Adams!