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Sid Kotian’s Beneath an Alien Sky launches on Kickstarter

Beneath an Alien Sky

Creator Sid Kotian brings his original sci-fi horror graphic novel Beneath an Alien Sky exclusively to Kickstarter through publisher Rocketship Entertainment.

In this 128 page sci-fi horror, a sinister creature is unleashed upon an unsuspecting alien planet. Standing in its way is a rookie cop who is in way over her head. The creature she faces is the last of its kind…and it comes from the third planet orbiting a yellow sun.

In Beneath an Alien Sky the Krimikitan are an alien race who brought themselves to the brink of complete ecological destruction. After a devastating war they refer to as “The Realignment”, their society reformed themselves under the leadership of a god like A.I. known as Control. Having done away with the political class, peace reigned. The new societies were self-contained inside giant domes. The natural world outside was left to heal itself unencumbered by their meddling.

Our window into this story is through the eyes of Kopa, the rookie constable assigned to hunt down the creature and uncover its origins. 

Beneath an Alien Sky is being released in both a standard size perfect bound b&w Artist’s Edition and an oversized 7.6×11.6” Evolved Edition full-color deluxe hardcover featuring gorgeous original art from Sid Kotian.

In addition, a limited run of 300 “Krimiktan” deluxe slipcases are available. Each features wraparound original pencil art finished with machine graining, debossed foil, spot UV, and a die cut window revealing Kopa and her encounter with the “alien soup.”

Already tagged a Kickstarter “Project We Love”, the campaign will run through March 10, 2021. The book will also be available this fall through Amazon, Rocketship, and in retail.

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