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Review: Space Bastards #2

Space Bastards #2

Space Bastards #2 is offensive. Really offensive. It’s also at times really funny and over the top. It’s a comic that’s self-aware and runs with it all. The issue takes us back a bit revealing how Roy Sharpton built the Intergalactic Postal Service. It involves really bad stereotypes of Native Americans/First Nations and some pretty over the top abuse of workers.

Written by Eric Peterson and Joe Aubrey, Space Bastards #2 is an origin story in a way. It doesn’t really progress the first issue instead of taking us back to the beginning. Sharpton is a failed businessman and over the top annoying. He’s a person you can’t help but hate for a long list of reasons. Having been sold a failing business we see how Sharpton took the steps to rebuild the company to make it what it is. We’re also delivered hints as to what issues are coming down the road.

The comic is offensive in so many ways. Sharpton randomly yells out so many bad stereotypes and eventually forces his employees to dress in as offensive ways. Luckily things are called out a bit and it’s pointed out how obnoxious the character. Like the first issue, Space Bastards #2 seems to go over the top with everything. The first issue was violence. The second issue is how many offensive stereotypes can be crammed in.

But, the issue also begins to pivot things in a way. Where I thought we were just getting a series about these crazy postal staffers, it looks like the series will be something more and else.

Darick Robertson provides the art with Diego Rodriguez on color and Simon Bowland handle the lettering. Like the first issue, the art is fantastic. The bring such energy and life to the series. It’s over the top and the art is right there like a Looney Tunes cartoon. Scenes just make you laugh in the situations and the character designs. But, it’s a laughter of “oh shit” in how offensive it can be. There’s something there though and I found myself laughing, a lot.

Space Bastards #2 is another solid issue. It’s going to piss people off but it knows it’s being offensive and delivers it all in a way that it’s not meant in a serious manner. We’re supposed to think Sharpton is an asshole and wince at what he does. There’s an over the top nature of it all that it’s hard to take it too seriously and not see the second issue as an extension of the gonzo first.

Story: Eric Peterson, Joe Aubrey Art: Darick Robertson
Color: Diego Rodriguez Letterer: Simon Bowland
Story: 8.0 Art: 8.0 Overall: 8.0 Recommendation: Buy

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