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Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman’s Run on Venom Arrives in April

The final issue of Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman’s hit run on Venom will arrive in April. The all-star creative team will be saying farewell to a character they helped redefine in a special milestone issue: Venom #200. With the revolutionary work on the symbiote mythology, the team’s incredible run will leave a lasting impact not only on the character of Venom but on the Marvel Universe as a whole.

The landmark issue will pick up after the events of King in Black. Over the years, Cates and Stegman have torn Eddie Brock’s life asunder while introducing new villains and uncovering long-hidden mysteries about the nature of symbiotes.

Throughout their run, they’ve explored Venom’s very nature as a Marvel hero. This issue will reveal what Venom’s future holds. But in Knull’s wake, what even remains of Marvel’s Lethal Protector?

Venom #200 will also feature a who’s who of artists who contributed to Cates and Stegman’s incredible run. Pick up this historic end of an era when Venom #200 hits stands in April.

Venom #200