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Spider-Woman Goes Back to Basics in April

After ten explosive issues, Jessica Drew’s hit solo series continues this April. Throughout this thrilling run, Spider-Woman has overcome HYDRA, confronted her nefarious mother in a wild family reunion, and learned more about her past than she’s ever wanted to. And writer Karla Pacheco and artist Pere Pérez are just getting started. The always-unpredictable saga of Jessica Drew continues in April and the titular hero will be suiting up once more in her original costume.

Designed by legendary comics pioneer Marie Severin, Spider-Woman’s classic costume is as timeless as it is iconic. Now, it once again returns in the pages of Spider-Woman as Jessica Drew suits up for her next mission starting in Spider-Woman #11.

See Spider-Woman’s costume in all its glory in Junggeun Yoon’s cover below and don’t miss its grand return when Spider-Woman #11 hits stands in April.

Spider-Woman #11 Junggeun Yoon Cover
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