Dark Horse Announces a New Code of Conduct, Anti-Harassment, and Anti-Discrimination Policy

Posting on their social media channels in efforts of transparency, Dark Horse Comics has announced new policies regarding harassment, discrimination, and a Code of Conduct.

This comes after waves of renewed criticism for the company regarding its employees. Allegations against editors Scott Allie, Brendan Wright, and freelancer Cameron Scott all came out this past summer.

You can read their full statement below.

With the help of outside HR Consultant, McGeachy Consulting, Dark Horse leadership has been reflecting, discussing and implementing new and updated policies to ensure the safety, happiness, and well-being of all employees.

Here are the measures that we have instituted:

• An updated Code of Conduct policy that we are asking all employees, creators, and business partners to uphold

• A more in-depth anti-harassment and anti-discrimination policy, which includes a clear reporting policy, for employees across all departments and divisions

• A newly formed Employee Relations Committee that manages, guides, and directs any significant employee relations issues that arise at Dark Horse

• A newly formed HR Executive Committee focused on implementing HR strategy, planning, and policy

• Identification and introduction of new company values assembled into a Culture Document helping to define and inspire our workplace culture

Beginning this year, an annual series of harassment and discrimination prevention training sessions will be implemented for all our employees. Dark Horse will continue taking the necessary steps forward to prevent harassment and discrimination within the workplace. We can and will do better.

We are optimistic about the future as we continue to improve and update our company policies. It continues to be our goal to be a company in which every single person feels valued and where every person feels safe from harassment or discrimination of any kind. While there is more work to be done in the many months ahead, we remain deeply committed to positive change in the workplace.

The statement sounds like a fantastic start. Will it begin a wave of changes throughout the industry where these types of policies are implemented?