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Review: Eternals #1

Eternals #1

Out of the numerous bodies of characters that exist within the Marvel universe, there’s no one more unknown to me as the Eternals. The characters have more-or-less relegated to their own title and seldom pop out for other appearances. The Eternals are not the types that pop up in your monthly summer events. Somehow, the stars aligned in their favor and there’s an MCU movie on the horizon for them so it’s the perfect time to reintroduce these godlike characters to readers this week with Eternals #1.

Eternals #1 starts with a resurrection. Apparently, the Eternals were dead but are alive again, thanks to the machine that works within the confines of their lives. Ikaris, leader of the Eternals, ends up chasing around another Eternal that’s a bit more of a pain in the ass in Sprite. While their superpowered game of tag concludes with them seeing where humanity has gotten to in the Eternals’ absence, there’s one thing staring them down; the death of another Eternal has happened and they cannot wait for his return to get down to it.

I think my only problem with this book was my own confusion about the Eternals themselves. It’s a bit easier to jump into an Avengers or FF relaunch when the characters are fairly much the same from one book launch to another. Eternals #1 gives Marvel the chance to establish these characters in a new light while keeping true to what Jack Kirby envisioned and I think that’s pulled off quite well. They brought in Kieron Gillen to pilot this book and I think the end result speaks for itself. The starting cast is small and Gillen is able to allow those present to have their own voice while not throwing a lot of characters at the reader.

Esad Ribić delivers an absolute stunner on art. It’s a really beautiful book from cover to cover. It’s weird to say this but as much as I loved how this book looked, and I did, I cannot wait to see him delve into the inner workings of the Eternals and show us the Celestials, or, I’m hoping we get to that with Ribić still on the title. His style has so much detail to it that I really enjoy what I’m looking at. Really, I get a bit nervous when Marvel launches something new because you never know what direction they’ll go artistically.

I think going into this, I didn’t have that high of hopes but I enjoyed this a lot and plan on continuing the adventure of the Eternals. I think if Marvel can keep this creative team on the book, it’s going to help with keeping readers interested in the Eternals. I’m sure the upcoming movie will help, too, but in the pages of the comics is where the work needs to be done and Gillen and Ribić are the right team for it. This book has way too many variants but that should also mean it’s an easy book for potential readers to find a copy of.

Story: Kieron Gillen Art: Esad Ribić
Color: Matthew Wilson Letterer/Designer: Clayton Cowles
Story: 8.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 8.5

Marvel provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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