Mark Knull’s Arrival in King in Black with Temporary Tattoos

King in Black, the highly-anticipated Marvel event that will serve as the epic next chapter in Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman’s groundbreaking run on Venom, arrives December 2nd. To celebrate the launch of this years-in-the-making saga, fans will also have an opportunity to take home a King in Black temporary tattoo, designed by Donny Cates’ very own tattoo artist, Ian Bederman! Matching the King in Black #1 Tattoo variant cover, the darkly mesmerizing artwork serves as a perfect symbol of the chaos and destruction that awaits the Marvel Universe when Knull’s reign begins.

In addition, Bederman has contributed four other unique designs that will grace the covers of each King in Black issue. Check out the brand-new tattoo variant cover for King in Black #2 and collect all five Ian Bederman Tattoo variant covers starting with King in Black #1 on December 2nd!