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The Immortal Hulk Comes to Marvel Contest of Champions Plus Get Immortal Hulk #1 for Free

Immortal Hulk has entered The Contest in Kabam’s MARVEL Contest of Champions, and you can experience where the horror began in a FREE digital comic of Immortal Hulk #1 by Al Ewing, the writer of this month’s exciting new Quest. All you have to do is download Marvel Contest of Champions before December 2nd to claim your gifts!

The Incredible Hulk is dead, but resurrected in his stead is a monster much more frightening. In the day, he is a lifeless shell of what used to be Bruce Banner but the night is his time. The Immortal Hulk has overpowered the other Hulks, becoming dominant. Now in complete control, even the Gods fear this green demon of the dark.

Take a look at Immortal Hulk’s Champion Spotlight, which details his abilities, history, strengths recommended masteries.

You can also learn more on how you can claim your free copy of Immortal Hulk Issue #1 HERE.