Review: The One You Feed #1

The One You Feed #1

With the world of digital comics expanding, it opens up greater opportunities to drop comics without a lead-up and as a surprise. That happened with The One You Feed #1, the latest comic to debut through the digital comic platform Panel Syndicate.

Set in our modern world a phenomenon has begun. As the sun goes down and moon rises individuals turn into monsters. It doesn’t happen to all and seems to happen at random. Those monsters do what monsters do and destroy and kill. That has led the survivors of the world to band together to build a walled city fueled by an artificial sun where it’s never dark. Over 350 years in the future the city, Helios, is on the verge of a new leader, a young prince named Apollo. He’ll have to travel beyond the walls, survive, and return to take the thrown.

Writer Donny Cates knocks it out of the park with this debut that creates a future fantasy world. The first chapter focuses on the set up of what’s to come teasing out that what we’re told is lies and to expect an unexpected adventure. Cates has a mission with this debut chapter and that’s to shape a world and story. The world presented is an interesting one and its taken in an unexpected direction. We’ve seen numerous “cities built to protect against the monsters” story but this blends in the classic “quest” direction. It’s also clear where the story goes isn’t what’s presented. There’s likely more about the monsters and the quest. That’s the story Cates is focused on.

There’s also something nice and different with Cates’ take. The focus on a more fantasy world makes the debut stand out. The series could easily stick to its future tech setting but a city ruled by a King and a Prince who must complete a quest has a throwback and classic quality about it. The One You Feed #1 takes a familiar story and places it in a different and unexpected setting.

The art by Dylan Burnett is fantastic. Along with color by Dean White and lettering by John J. Hill the series has a nice blend of its various aspects. The monsters are numerous and varied. The technology progression tells a story by itself. And, when we get to the end point of time that begins our story the design too tells us what we need to know. While Cates dialogue walks us through Apollo’s perspective, the art team delivers what we need to know as far as what has happened over the years as well. The art fills in the details that Apollo’s words do not.

The One You Feed #1 is an absolute get. The unexpected release of it adds to the fun of it all but the quality is the real draw. This is a future fantasy story that has a lot of intrigue going for it and teases that it’ll take us in unexpected directions. The fact it’s pay-what-you-want is a bonus (and you should pay for it). Panel Syndicate is a publishing platform who is synonymous with quality and this is another feather in its cap.

Story: Donny Cates Art: Dylan Burnett
Color: Dean White Letterer/Design: John J. Hill
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: Recommendation: Buy

Purchase: Panel Syndicate