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The Brandenburg School for Boys #4 is Out now on Panel Syndicate

The Brandenburg School for Boys by Alex de Campi, Tony Parker, and Blond is back with its fourth and penultimate chapter!

Amidst suspicion and infighting, the terrorists put their bomb plan into action… Jack struggles to get information to his superiors, and Felix plans his shot. But nobody’s cover is secure any more, and neither of them are safe.

You can find this 1970’s spy noir/thriller as well as its prequel series Mayday (both by the same explosive creative team) at Panel Syndicate for whatever price you want to pay, including zero!

Bad Karma #6 is available now on Panel Syndicate

Alex de Campi, Ryan Howe and Dee Cunniffe are back with the penultimate chapter of their action/thriller series Bad Karma! And just in time for the holidays!

Trouble follows Cheryl home, and Taneka too… Can Ethan and Sully save them, when they can’t even save themselves?

Sink into the series, and get Bad Karma #6 right now at Panel Syndicate for whatever price you want to pay, including zero!

Friday Chapter 6 drops on Panel Syndicate

The spooky season isn’t over yet, a new chapter of Friday has been released on Panel Syndicate! It’s the spookiest issue yet by the terrifying team of Ed Brubaker, Marcos Martín, and Muntsa Vicente!

Will Friday make it in time as she races to face her darkest and most dangerous threat yet!

No, not the snowman, although those can be quite scary. Find out what the real threat is and much more as more secrets are revealed at panelsyndicate.com for whatever price you want to pay, including zero!

It’s the Blackhand Ironhead season finale on Panel Syndicate!

The final instalment in the adventures of the superheroine sisters is here and David López has made sure to make it a memorable, hard-hitting, no holds barred brawl!

What was Amy’s goal in pissing off Rey Gladiador? How long will Alexia resist before her mind is wiped? Will someone finally gather the courage to tell Rey Gladiador about that goofy moustache?

Yeah, the moustache thing sounds unllikely… That guy has quite a temper. Anyway, don’t miss the shocking finale to the series at Panel Syndicate for whatever price you want to pay, including zero!

Blackhand Ironhead #5 is here!

The penultimate issue of the new season of Blackhand Ironhead by pencil magician David López and wizard colorist Kike J. Díaz has arrived! It’s just one issue away from the season finale and things are not looking good for the dynamic duo (no not that one, this one).

After last issue’s crushing defeat against Rey Gladiador, our favorite sisters seem doomed to losing all their memories. But true heroines are forged in the fiery throes of ultimate hardship… So will Alexia and Amy be able to find their way out of this one?

Whatever happens, someone’s surely gonna get hurt. Find out who and how now at Panel Syndicate for whatever price you want to pay, including zero!

Alex de Campi and Tony Parker’s The Brandenburg School for Boys launches on Panel Syndicate

Yes, Alex de Campi, Tony Parker, and Blond are back with the surprise sequel to their Mayday original miniseries from five years ago! Hey, good things take time… Take a trip to The Brandenburg School for Boys now via Panel Syndicate.

It’s May 1972 and CIA officer Jack Hudson is sent to West Berlin as an “illegal,” undercover, to infiltrate a left-wing gang responsible for a wave of bombings and robberies across the Federal Republic of Germany. Walking the tightrope of the gang’s violent paranoia is bad enough… but then, things can always get worse.

Yep, that level of worse. This series has all the explosive action you’ve come to expect from our frenzied trio of creators and you can download and own it for whatever price you want to pay. That’s right, you get to keep the comic and store it in your own private hardware whether you decide to pay for it or not just like all our other series. And it’s all just a click of the mouse away at panelsyndicate.com!

The Brandenburg School for Boys

Friday Chapter 5 is available now on Panel Syndicate!

Ed Brubaker, Marcos Martín, and Muntsa Vicente are back with the newest chapter of our post YA series Friday! Raise a glass!

Friday’s investigations finally seem to bear fruit thanks to Lancelot’s enigmatic casebook. But as she dwelves deeper into the mystery behind his death and new dangers emerge from the shadow of the White Lady, will it only lead her to even more tragedy?

Head over to Panel Syndicate and follow Friday’s latest adventures for whatever price you want to pay, including zero!

Glacier City Returns to Panel Syndicate

Jay Faerber, Michael Montenat, Simon Gough, and Thomas Mauer are back with a new issue of their mystery/thriller series set in the freezing landscapes of Alaska, Glacier City.

Wes Cutter is the only cop in the isolated town of Glaser. As he tries to solve the murder of a notorious criminal, Cutter’s past with Glaser’s newest resident is revealed.

In any case, if you haven’t read the first issue yet, or need to refresh your memory but have no idea where you saved the first issue, remember you can download both issues at panelsyndicate.com for whatever price you want to pay, including zero!

Mayday Comes to Panel Syndicate

Yep, MAYDAY indeed. The world seems to be reverting back to the (definitely not) happy Cold War days, so what better way to celebrate than with this spy action thriller set in the 70s by the high octane team of Alex de Campi, Tony Parker, and Blond! April 1971. The CIA is handed the espionage coup of the decade when a KGB general defects with a list of all Soviet intelligence assets in Asia. All Jack Hudson has to do is get the general and his microfilm from Hong Kong to California… and keep Palm Springs’ overzealous FBI office from turning everything into a freakshow. All Codename: Felix has to do is kill the defector and get the microfilm back to the USSR, by any means possible. Easy, right? Now throw in a beautiful woman, a fast car, and a whole lot of drugs.

Originally published under Image Comics as a 5 issue miniseries Panel Syndicate presents Mayday in one single 152 page digital collection!

Available now at panelsyndicate.com for whatever price you want to pay, including zero!

Jonathan Luna’s 20XX: Transport Comes to Panel Syndicate!

Panel Syndicate is kicking off 2022 with 20XX! 20XX was created by Jonathan Luna and Lauren Keely and originally published by Image Comics. 20XX: Transport is a special one-shot was a social-media experiment where the audience voted to change the course of the story.

A teenage boy with illegal telekinetic abilities in Anchorage, Alaska tries to save his classmates on a school bus from a group of hijackers.

You can get 20XX: Transport now on Panel Syndicate for whatever price you want to pay!

Panel Syndicate also gave updates that more Friday, Blackhand Ironhead, and Bad Karma, along with more surprises, are coming!

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