Donny Cates and Dylan Burnett’s The One You Feed Debuts on Panel Syndicate

Panel Syndicate has a surprise debut on this new comic book day with The One You Feed from writer Donny Cates, artist Dylan Burnett, colorist Dean White, and letterer/designer John H. Hill.

The One You Feed is a fantasy terror tale perfectly timed for Halloween.

One day, long ago, and for no reason whatsoever..the moon rose in the night sky, and every human being on the planet began to violently change into the demons that live inside of their souls. Some of these monsters were good. Most…were not. Now, after hundreds of years of these nightly horrors, a young prince, armed only with a mysterious sword named Attum, must journey into the night to face the monsters under the stars, and meet the wolf that lives in his own heart…

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