Review: Black Widow #2

Black Widow #2

Something is wrong with Natasha Romanoff… she’s happy!? Black Widow #2 improves upon the first issue as we dig deeper into this rather odd situation for Black Widow to be in. Domestic bliss is not a situation you’d expect her to battle.

Written by Kelly Thompson, Black Widow #2 has an exploration as to what’s going on with our heroine. Clint and Bucky have teamed up to figure out if Natasha is in need of help or if she’s truly happy and safe. It’s that espionage thriller that’s a hell of a draw. The second issue really takes its queues from some classics leaving us to wonder not necessarily what’s going on but more of the why.

And that’s partially what’s interesting with what Thompson has set up. We know Natasha is being watched by the classic villain Arcade and can guess he’s behind what’s going on. A false reality is something he’s known for. But, what’s also clear is, he’s not in charge. There’s someone who has hired the assassin to pull the strings. Who? Why? We get hints as to that by this issue’s end.

Thompson delivers so much more than that though. With the inclusion of Clint and Bucky, we get a “buddy cop” aspect to the issue that adds humor to it all. It’d be easy to focus just on Natasha and as she lives her life we discover the truth. But, with the duo of heroes we not only get some laughs but also a moral debate as to what should be done. She seems happy. Should they leave her to be? Should they “wake” her up? There’s an interesting moral aspect to the issue that couldn’t exist without them.

Elena Casagrande with color by Jordie Bellaire and lettering by Cory Petit is fantastic. Much of the comic is domestic goings on. But, when there’s action, there’s some solid action. The team also uses shadows to really build the mystery as to who is behind things delivering just enough to figure out some of the answers. The comic is just fantastic to look at though and there’s some designs for outfits that are top notch. Natasha’s dress is amazing and beautiful for instance. The art just nails that thriller aspect.

Black Widow #2 delivers the goods and tops the first issue in every way. That was the basic setup but this is the issue where the cards are on the table and we get a thrilling story of espionage and sleeper agents. There’s also enough teased out to get readers really interested as to where it all goes, especially due to the ending which really emphasizes the “why” of it all. This is just a fantastic superhero comic without the flashy spandex.

Story: Kelly Thompson Art: Elena Casagrande
Color: Jordie Bellaire Letterer: Cory Petit
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy

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