Enter the Mindscape with Professor X on Marvel Contest of Champions

Allow the ultimate mutant to guide you to the Rise of Xto the true ‘Garden of Eden.’ Duel for dominance and become Champion with Professor X as he makes his way into The Battlerealm in Kabam’s MARVEL Contest of Champions.

Professor X believed in peaceful coexistence of mutants and humans, but this all changed when Moira MacTaggert revealed to him the inevitable demise of mutantkind, unless Professor X could change his ways. Under the new moniker “X”, he gave up his old dreams. No more would mutants endure the afflictions and prejudice of humankind. Under the formidable rule of X, the mutant nation of Krakoa was founded. And those who defy the nation must enter the Mindscape and face Professor X in a duel of mental strength.

Take a look at Professor X’s Champion Spotlight, which details his abilities, history, strengths recommended masteries.