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ComiXology Delivers 4 New Digital Comics from DC Comics and Harlequin

ComiXology has four new digital comics for you today! Harlequin has two romance manga and DC has two new DC Digital First comics! Get them now or check out the individual issues below!

Callaghan’s Bride

Written by Diana Palmer
Art by Nanao Hidaka

On the huge Texas ranch that’s run by the Hart brothers, Tess can’t understand why the second oldest brother, Callaghan, is always so cold to her. But it takes only one act of kindness from him to make her fall in love. One day, the two end up sharing a surprising and passionate kiss. So why does the much older Callaghan still keep pushing her away?

Callaghan's Bride

Luc’s Revenge

Written by Catherine George
Art by Maoko Nagasaki

One day, Portia, a real estate agent, receives a call. It’s a request to see Turret House. As soon as she hears that, she feels light-headed. It’s the one place she never wants to visit ever again. When she arrives there, a sexy man with a smile on his face is waiting for her…

Luc's Revenge

Harley Quinn Black + White + Red #5

Written by Riley Rossmo
Pencils Riley Rossmo
Inks Riley Rossmo
Colored by Riley Rossmo

“The Life and Death of Harley Quinn”
It’s the history of the life, the universe, and everything as told by HARLEY QUINN! From the big bang all the way to the end of the world! This one has got it all! Spaceships, parades, prison breaks, copious amounts of costume changes and most importantly: Harley, Harley, and more Harley!

Harley Quinn Black + White + Red #5

Shazam!: Lightning Strikes #2

Written by Phil Hester, Louise Simonson
Pencils Bret Blevins, Eric Gapstur
Inks Bret Blevins, Eric Gapstur
Colored by David Baron, Chris Sotomayor

Story 1 – Pedro takes his new crossing guard responsibilities very seriously. But when disaster strikes, can he keep his Shazam Family identity a secret and keep his classmates safe?

 Story 2 – A mysterious glowing artifact proves to be the perfect power source for Eugene’s robotics project—until it grants his robot a life of its own! Now Eugene must dismantle the rogue battlebots before they destroy Fawcett High…and to do it, he’ll need the helpof his greatest rival!

Shazam!: Lightning Strikes #2
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