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Preview: Shazam! #4

Shazam! #4

Written by: Tim Sheridan
Art by: Clayton Henry

Once inside the Rock of Eternity, Shazam comes face to face with an old acquaintance…who is also a complete stranger. Confused? So is Billy! The questions keep piling up as the stakes mount, leaving him with an impossible life-and-death decision on which the futures of his best friend, the Teen Titans Academy, and the entirety of existence now hinges!

Shazam! #4

Preview: Shazam! #3

Shazam! #3

Written by: Tim Sheridan
Art by: Clayton Henry

Neron returns to test Billy Batson’s resolve! Now confronted with the truth about fellow Titans Academy student Dane’s lineage, Billy Batson must decide whether he can trust the person who brought him to hell as they searched for the missing Rock of Eternity. But as the duo grows closer to the Rock and the power of Shazam, a new threat that Billy knows all too well emerges-Neron, the demonic lord of the underworld.

Shazam! #3

Preview: Shazam! #2

Shazam! #2

Written by: Tim Sheridan
Art by: Clayton Henry

Hell is full of temptations and distractions as Billy Batson searches for the missing Rock of Eternity, alongside his guide from Teen Titans Academy, the mystical and mysterious Dane. Earth’s Mightiest Mortal must face demons and would-be kings of the underworld. But even with the power of Shazam, Billy finds himself outwitted and outmatched, until Dane reveals a secret that will change his relationship with Billy and the new Teen Titans Academy forever.

Shazam! #2

Preview: Shazam! #1

Shazam! #1

Written by: Tim Sheridan
Art by: Clayton Henry

Billy Batson came to Titans Academy looking for answers. Why was the rest of his adopted family cut off from the power of Shazam? Why are his own powers becoming increasingly unreliable? The answers send Billy on an outrageous adventure that’ll not only change him but have an immense impact on the school and other students on Titans Island.

Shazam! #1

Get a Look at the Shazam Family in Shazam!: Fury of the Gods

A look at the Shazam family in Shazam!: Fury of the Gods has been released giving us a look at the updated costumes the heroes will be wearing.

The designs are all much more in line with the “DC aesthetic” we’ve been seeing through films. What’s interesting is not just the more detailed costumes but also some color changes from the first film.

Check out below comparing the costumes from the first film and the anticipated sequel. What do you think of the updated costumes?

Shazam! Arrives in July from Tim Sheridan, Clayton Henry, and Marcelo Maiolo

“SHAZAM!” With a single magic word, the powers of six ancient gods—the wisdom of Solomon, the strength of Hercules, the stamina of Atlas, the power of Zeus, the courage of Achilles and the speed of Mercury—are placed in the hands of teenage Billy Batson, transforming him into The World’s Mightiest Mortal! A new Shazam! four-issue mini-series from Tim Sheridan and Clayton Henry, spinning out of the pages of Teen Titans Academy, arrives July 20!

Billy Batson came to Titans Academy looking for answers, but so far has kept his Shazam! identity a secret from his new classmates. Why was the rest of his adopted family cut off from the power of Shazam!? Why are his own powers becoming increasingly unreliable? What has happened to the Rock of Eternity, where is the Wizard, and who can help Billy get his powers back to normal before these mysterious events turn into a full-blown crisis?

The answers send Billy on an outrageous adventure that’ll not only change him…but have an immense impact on the school and other students on Titans Island!

Shazam! #1 (of 4) by Tim Sheridan, Clayton Henry, and Marcelo Maiolo arrives on July 20 with covers by Henry and Maiolo (main), Gary Frank and Brad Anderson (card stock variant), and Steve Lieber (1:25 card stock variant). Shazam! will retail for $3.99 US for 32 pages ($4.99 for card stock variants).

Mondo Reveals the SHAZAM! Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 2XLP

As part of is Music Monday, Mondo, in partnership with WaterTower Music, presents the premiere vinyl pressing of Benjamin Wallfisch‘s triumphant score for the 2019 superhero comedy SHAZAM!

Ben Wallfisch is one of the most incredible composers working today. He is a master of genre, but also impossible to pin down. His work on Blade Runner 2049 is a masterclass in modern sci-fi. He redefined the sound of terror with his scores for IT Chapters 1 & 2 and last year’s Invisible Man. To round the trifecta, though, he also has a playful side, which is no more present than in his ode to Williams and Goldsmith in SHAZAM! Just like the film, it is an immediate burst of energy, excitement, and full of 80’s filmmaking sincerity.

Pressed on 2x 180 colored vinyl (Disc 1 Shazam Red with yellow splatter, Disc 2 Smokey 8-Ball) and featuring all-new original artwork by Cathy Kwan.

All new releases go on sale on Wednesdays at Noon Central.

Preview: Future State: Shazam! #2

Future State: Shazam! #2

Written by: Tim Sheridan
Art by: Eduardo Pansica

Shazam’s soul is laid bare as he’s confronted by one of the most powerful beings in the DC Universe! Revealing shocking secrets and the final fate of Billy Batson, the boy who was Earth’s Mightiest Mortal, this issue introduces a deadly new threat born from the ashes of the Teen Titans Academy: Raven!

Future State: Shazam! #2

Mondo announces slate of DC Film & TV Series Soundtracks coming on Vinyl in 2021

Kicking off a new year, Mondo has announced plans to celebrate the heroes of the DC Universe throughout 2021 with the premiere vinyl pressings of soundtracks to multiple DC films and TV series. Leading the charge, Aquaman will be available beginning Wednesday, January 6th at MondoShop.com and will be followed by SHAZAM!, Doom Patrol Seasons 1 and 2, and a re-issue of John Williams’ 1978 masterpiece Superman arriving later in the year.

AQUAMAN Soundtrack

Mondo, in partnership with WaterTower Music, is proud to present the premiere vinyl pressing and premiere physical release of the Deluxe edition of Rupert Gregson-Williams brilliant score for the 2018 global sensation Aquaman.

This Deluxe edition release features the complete score from the film as well as a disc of Bonus Tracks and Remixes, and includes the songs “Everything I Need” performed by Skylar Grey and “Ocean To Ocean” performed by Pitbull featuring Rhea.

Pressed on 3x 180 Gram Translucent colored vinyl with splatter, the release features all-new original artwork by Pascal Blanché and is housed in a tri-fold jacket.

Aquaman – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Deluxe Edition 3XLP

  • Music by Rupert Gregson-Williams
  • Featuring songs by Skylar Grey, Pitbull and more
  • Artwork by Pascal Blanché
  • Pressed on 3x 180 Gram Colored VinylPremiere vinyl release
  • $45

Track List

Side One.

  1. Everything I Need (Film Version) Performed by Skylar Grey 3:162.
  2. Arthur 4:413.
  3. Kingdom Of Atlantis 3:264.
  4. It Wasn’t Meant To Be 3:225.
  5. Atlantean Soldiers 3:35

Side Two.

  1. What Does That Even Mean? 3:242.
  2. The Legend Of Atlan 1:573.
  3. Swimming Lessons 3:034.
  4. The Black Manta 2:505.
  5. What Could Be Greater Than A King? 5:23

Side Three.

  • Permission To Come Aboard 2:162.
  • Suited And Booted 4:253.
  • Between Land And Sea 2:554.
  • He Commands The Sea 3:34

Side Four.

  • Map In A Bottle 2:162.
  • The Ring of Fire 4:583. Reunited 1:324.
  • Everything I Need – Performed by Skylar Grey 3:215.
  • Ocean To Ocean – Performed by Pitbull featuring Rhea 2:256.
  • Trench Engaged (From Kingdom Of The Trench) 2:30

Side Five – Bonus Tracks.

  • MeraMontage 2:042.
  • Home Invasion 2:483.
  • Saving Pops 3:044.
  • Ahab Waves 1:305.
  • Ask the Sea 1:596.
  • Obligation 1:257.
  • Dunes 2:04

Side Six – Remixes.

  • Suited & Booted (Our Empire Remix) 3:572.
  • The Black Manta (Future Funk Squad Remix) 5:103.
  • Atlantean Soldiers (Glen Nicholls ‘March in Formation’ Remix) 5:004.
  • Kingdom of Atlantis (Glen Nicholls ‘Escape to Atlantis’ Remix) 6:37

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It was new comic book day yesterday! What’d you all get? What’d you like? What’d you dislike? Sound off in the comments below! While you think about that, here’s some comic news and reviews from around the web.

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