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Super-Articulate: Catching Up on Marvel Legends with Beast, Rage and more

Greetings, lovers of plastic! I return with the beginning of a long catch-up on Marvel Legends. In short order after this installment, I’ll be hitting the FF Super-Skrull BAF wave and the Age of Apocalypse wave. Until then, let’s start with . . .

HASLAB SENTINEL: Holy crap, kids. No, I probably won’t get it. And yet, everything that Hasbro is packing into this guy looks amazing. The alternate Master Mold and damaged heads, the Bastion, the female Prime Sentinel . . .they’re putting in a lot for the $350. If you can afford it, you still have plenty of time (until before August 24) to get in on it.

Beast Fan Channel Exclusive: I know there were a lot of mixed feelings about this one, with people not being satisfied with the heads, etc., but I think it’s fun. I decided to shelve it with my ‘60s/’70s Avengers. Yes, Beast wasn’t the gray by the time he got on the roster, but it’s still from the era, and I just thought it looked kind of cool along with Hellcat, Black Knight, and so on. I really would like a hairless X-Factor-costumed Beast someday to complement the X-Factor Cyclops, but I have to say that I enjoy this figure.

Iron Man 2020 (Walgreens Exclusive): Ah, Walgreens . . . you continue to bedevil me. Still haven’t seen a Stepford Cuckoo in the wild, but I did grab Arno Stark. This was more out of nostalgia and the original Machine Man mini that anything else, but I have to say that a) I’ve always liked the shoulder-gear design and b) I really like the power effects. If one of the prime functions of a collectible figure is to just look cool, this one checks that box for me.

Rage: Hey! Another New Warrior! Finally! Yes, I’m well aware that Rage was an Avenger, but the New Warriors feels like his home to me. While I definitely think that ML needs to pick up the pace on the Warriors (seriously, why no Firestar after all this time?), I’m glad to see that Rage finally made it out. I feel like the creative team did an especially fine job here, particularly with the expression. The sheer size of this guy is great, and he looks appropriately big next to Night Thraser and the original Nova. A big winner for me.

Mach-1: I was a big fan of the original Thunderbolts, so more team progress is great in my book. I always liked Mark Bagley’s Mach-1 design, and I think that the figure captures it really well. The metallized paint apps are pretty great. This is one of those figures that’s a fairly exact representation of the character as presented in the comics. I think it looks even better with Citizen V and Songbird than Rage does with the other two (sorry; just my feeling). I’d like to see Atlas get the BAF treatment, perhaps in a ‘90s-centric wave that makes him an appropriate choice. As it is, it’s great to see another classic Thunderbolt make the cut and get on the shelf.

Talk to me, people. What have you been picking up, if anything? What are you most looking forward to? Guesses on Virtual SDCC reveals? Let’s talk.

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