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Enter the House of the Devil with El Muerto: Casa Del Diablo on Kickstarter

Discover the world of El Muerto with Javier Hernandez‘s Kickstarter for El Muerto: Casa Del Diablo Preview Edition. With it, you’ll get an early look at the next El Muerto graphic novel with exclusives.

Born on Dia de Los Muertos, Juan Diego de La Muerte finds himself completely unprepared for what he undergoes on his 21st birthday. A fateful car accident sends him to the Aztec Land of the Dead, where he becomes a pawn at the hands of Mictlantecuhtli, the god of death, and the great trickster god Tezcatlipoca! Thus begins the miraculous odyssey of El Muerto the Aztec Zombie!

El Muerto debuted in 1998 and the independent saw a film adaptation in 2007 and now it has launched its first Kickstarter campaign.

Casa Del Diablo has 26 pages completed, drawn and lettered, and they’re being made available in a special preview comic, the first part of the complete graphic novel.

Rewards include a $5 digital edition along your backer’snames on an appreciation page, $10 print copies, and up. Awards include original art and more.

The projects wraps on July 19, 2020 at 9pm ET.

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