Review: The Death of Nancy Drew #1

The Death of Nancy Drew #1

When The Death of Nancy Drew was announced, people were not too happy. Dynamite Entertainment was celebrating 90 years of the iconic character by killing her. It was kind of obvious that it wasn’t likely going to be the case and reality. The Death of Nancy Drew #1 should make fans of the character, and the Hardy Boys, as well as fans of crime/noir happy. It’s exactly what I’d expect in a hard-boiled detective story with a grown-up sense dealing with drug use, mobs, and murder.

Written by Anthony Del Col, the story is a great mix of traditional noir storytelling and that of the classic Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys stories. The comic takes you through the death of Nancy Drew with voice overs and introduces us to possible suspects. But, what’s great is Del Col also gives us small clues throughout much like the classic stories it’s based on. A mention of a small detail makes you think this is something we need to file away later to recall during the eventual reveal. The mention of characters and connections allows us to build a mental board connecting the dots. It’s a lot of fun as you work through the story.

Generally, the art by Joe Eisma is pretty solid. There are some solid panels that really evoke the noir genre. But, there are some issues. There are panels here and there that had me pause and took me out of the story, unfortunately. An arm or eye’s positioning look off, it’s enough to distract. But, there are some fantastic moments like waiting out a police interrogation or a punch being thrown. The coloring by Salvator Aiala feels like it shifts a bit in later parts of the comic and in the end, might not be different but just feels and looks different for some reason. Again, it’s something that took me out of the art as well.

Despite some shaky art, I really enjoyed The Death of Nancy Drew #1. It’s predictable and in the end, the overall reveals are what I expected but it’s still a solid read. Anthony Del Col nails the pacing, tone, and voice of the comic. It does a service to classic Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys type storytelling with a mix of the dime crime stories.

Story: Anthony Del Col Art: Joe Eisma
Color: Salvatore Aiala Letterer: Crank!
Story: 8.25 Art: 6.75 Overall: 7.75 Recommendation: Read

Dynamite Entertainment provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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