Review: Scions: For the Kingdom of Earth Book 2


When it comes to mythology, most people forget that some parts are based on truth. Take for example, the accepted folklore of dragons, where most hold an accepted belief system that they never existed. The thing that is most baffling about them is that some amalgamation of dragons has existed in every culture since civilization has existed and no one has ever questioned why? This is the very reason why the Norwegian movie, Ragnarok was so fascinating when it came out in 2013.

It centers on two scientists who search for the mythological place in Norwegian Viking mythology known as Ragnarok. With the help of a guide, he, his research partner, and his two children head to where this place is historically, only to unearth something out of the runes, which no one could be prepared for. Sometimes, things long dormant should remain so. In the second installment of Scions: for the Kingdom of Earth, an ancient oligarch awakens and unleashes carnage.

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We find Dagan experiencing unimaginable pain from migraines triggered by the rhythm of the HEPA (High Energy Particle Accelerator) beams slowly uncasing the discovered sarcophagus. Meanwhile, Dr. Vargas is using the HEPA to open the tomb, focusing on different points, before finally realizing that what is inside is alive. As the sarcophagus slides open, a body slowly descends from its aperture, onto the floor of Vargas’s lab. Vargas approaches the body in a MOPP suit, and immediately recognizes the need to put it in quarantine, as she and the military ponder who this person is, she gets called to Allied Peace Force HQ to brief Gen. Hutchison on what they have uncovered. As Vargas explains to Hutchison, the ramifications of such a discovery, meanwhile back at the Iraqi base; the body awakens, and decimates everyone within sight, leaving a trail of bodies and the base in ashes. By the book’s end, the reader finds out that the body is a long-dead monarch known as Prince Ninurtum and he has come back to claim what is his.

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Overall, an action-packed second issue which gives the story a proper villain. The story by Lewis Sarmed Alsamari is palpitating with excitement. The art by Ezequiel Femia is magnificent. Altogether, this is the issue the reader will get hooked into.

The issue is currently being funded on Kickstarter. United Kingdom’s top creative entity, Arts Council England has already funded issue#3

Story: Lewis Sarmed Alsamari Art: Patricio Ezequiel Femla
Story: 10 Art: 9.7 Overall: 9.6 Recommendation: Buy

Graphic Policy was provided with a FREE copy for review