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Review: Scions: For the Kingdom of Earth Book 1

Scions: For The Kingdom Of Earth

Extinction level events are the perfect stage for any battle between good and evil. One of Stephen King’s greatest books, The Stand, rested on this premise. It was essentially a battle between Heaven and Hell. The problem with stories like these is the oversimplification of both the antagonist and protagonist. No one in life is all good nor all bad.

Sometimes our heroes, are darker than our villains, as is the case with Batman and The Joker. Then there are those heroes who are morally bankrupt. Such is the case of Spike Spiegel in Cowboy Bebop. Then there are those heroes whose destiny pushes them towards conflicts that need to be fought for all of humanity. In the debut episode of Scions: For The Kingdom Of Earth, we find a world on the precipice of change, if one hands tips it in their favor.

We’re taken to an America which has endured the last great war. World War IV has decimated millions of the population leaving the surviving leaders to squabble over the livable land left. It’s 2086 Los Angeles, California, where we meet our protagonist, Dagan whose life has seen its darkest times especially with the loss of his parents. The comic balances mystical and scientific aspects such as ancient artifacts in Iraq, atomic tests, and singularities. The ground covered is vast putting forth destiny and leaving us with something mysterious.

Overall, Scions: For the Kingdom of Earth Book 1 is excellent debut issue, which slowly unwraps this immense story. The story by Lewis Sarmed Alsamari is epic and well developed. The art by Patricio Ezequiel Femia is breathtaking. It’s not your run of the mill end of the world story, but something much grander and better.

Story: Lewis Sarmed Alsamari Art: Patricio Ezequiel Femla
Story: 9.7 Art: 9.6 Overall: 9.8 Recommendation: Buy

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