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Sitcomics is Giving Artists 100% of Revenue Through September 30th


Sitcomics is stepping up due to the impact of COVID-19 and doing what it can to help the freelance comic community. The publisher is implementing “Look Forward,” a five-month initiative that will see 100% of the company’s print and digital revenue going directly to the regular artists of their ongoing series.

The goal of the initiative is to help “raise awareness of the struggles face by comic book freelancers during this pandemic while bringing a bit of financial security to our own little corner of that community.”

In the announcement, Sitcomics co-publisher and veteran TV writer Darin Henry said:

The more we support comic artists during this difficult time, the better equipped they will be to entertain us when it’s over.

Sitcomics artists will receive 100% of the publisher’s revenue from retailer orders, digital purchases, and “Unlimited reads” through September 30th, 2020.

Artists whose Sitcomics work is now available in print and via digital platforms include Ron Frenz (The Blue Baron), Jeff Shultz (Super ‘Suckers), Craig Rousseau (Startup), Blair Shedd (Telepathetic), Tom Richmond (Z-People), Steven Gordon (Headhunter), Corin Howell (The Renegades) and Al Milgrom and Neil Vokes (Morbid Museum).

Because the artists have already been paid for all previous and current assignments, half of the monthly Look Forward payments will become advances for future Sitcomics work. The remaining 50% will be considered bonus compensation to help cover income lost due to convention cancellations. During this same five-month period, all new payments for Sitcomics work by regular inker Sal Buscema, colorist Glenn Whitmore, and letterer Marshall Dillon will include an additional 20% compensation bonus above their normal page rates.

Sitcomics are published in an exclusive Binge Book™ format which gives readers 64-page, self-contained story arcs for only $3.99.  Binge Books are only available at comic shops, many of which are open for curbside and mail order business. US shops receive a 50% wholesale discount off the cover price plus free shipping on orders of 15 or more Binge Books.  Shops outside the US can contact the publisher at editor@sitcomics.net for delivery terms. Sitcomics are also available worldwide in serialized digital chapters thru ComiXology, Amazon Kindle Unlimited or at www.Sitcomics.net.

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