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Bronco Ink Comics Launches Super Team International ’88 on Kickstarter and Indiegogo!

Super Team International ’88

Bronco Ink Comics has launched its newest comic book series Super Team International ’88! by writer Scott O. Brown and artist Carlos Gabriel Diaz. STI ’88 is a hilarious and action-packed throwback to classic superhero comics of the 80’s.

Staring the most borderline incompetent superheroes ever assembled, Super Team Int’l is comprised of Gamma Rei Burst, The Super American, Mr. Sleep, Rollerblade, Flight Path, Lt. Flag, with special guest star Mr. Chicken as they take on VILE, a legion of villains dedicated to world conquest and the destruction of all heroes.

At 22 pages and 6 issues, STI ’88 has no decompression, no crossovers, and no anti-heroes. The first issue is available on Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

Get in on the 1988 action HERE!

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