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Review: Nebula #1

Nebula #1

Nebula is often a character that plays second fiddle to others. She orbits her sister Gamora or their father Thanos. Since her breakout in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, she’s dipped her toes a bit more into individuality. Nebula #1 is a big leap for the character putting her squarely in the spotlight.

And that spotlight delivers something that could be interesting though not what was expected.

Writer Vita Ayala has Nebula do what she does best, kill people as she plunders. Some of the early action is hinted at. That decision allows the reader’s imagination to go wild upping the awesome of Nebula’s mission. And that mission is… intriguing. Ayala uses the unique cybernetic nature of the character as a driver for the story and it’ll be interesting where it all drives the character. Her relationship with her sister and abuse of Thanos are characteristics I know of and I fully expected an exploration of what that does to someone. This might touch upon that in a direction I wasn’t expecting or it might go somewhere else getting here away from that. In Ayala we trust.

Claire Roe‘s art is decent. With color by Mike Spicer and lettering by Travis Lanham the issue I see is a drop in detail in some panels. Overall, the comic is consistent and looks good but there’s some work as far as Nebula’s cybernetics where the detail isn’t quite there. That detail gives the character a bit of personality as far as design. Instead of lines defining panels, it’s just a solid color. Where Roe really stands out is the upgrade Nebula gets and how she begins to see the world. Teamed with Lanham’s lettering (assuming that’s his work) the perspective is cool and different.

Nebula #1 goes in an unexpected direction and one that opens things up in numerous ways. The open road is not just for plot but also for the character. There’s something about this debut, it has a lot of potential and it’s definitely one to keep an eye on as far as a series.

Story: Vita Ayala Art: Claire Roe
Color: Mike Spicer Letterer: Travis Lanham
Story: 8.05 Art: 7.95 Overall: 8.0 Recommendation: Read

Marvel provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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